Friday, January 21, 2022

Iran Condemns Killing of Civilians in Karabakh Conflict

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Iran’s embassy in the Azerbaijan Republic’s capital, Baku, has, in a statement, condemned attacks on civilian individuals and centres.

“Based on reports announced by official sources of the Azerbaijan Republic, including the country’s Prosecutor General’s Office, a large number of ordinary citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic, including women and children have been killed or wounded, and many civilian locations, facilities and centres have been destroyed since a fresh wave of fighting began between the warring Azeri and Armenian sides in the Karabakh region and seven surrounding cities,” the embassy said in a Sunday statement.

“The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Azerbaijan Republic has announced that as many as 19 innocent people had been killed, 63 wounded, and 44civilian places and facilities as well as 181 houses had been destroyed by the morning of October 3,” it added.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Embassy in the Azerbaijan Republic underlines the need to observe human rights and international rights, and recalls international norms, principles and regulations ruling armed conflicts, including the Geneva Conventions (1949) and its additional protocols (1977), especially the fourth Geneva Convention on support for civilians, and categorically condemns any violation of innocent people and killing and wounding them as well as destroying and damaging civilian locations, facilities and property, and condoles with the bereaved families,” it added.

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