Saturday, November 26, 2022

Iran Condemns Saudi Airstrike on Innocent Yemenis

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesperson has vehemently denounced the Saudi Arabian warplanes’ airstrike on a market in the Yemeni city of Sa’dah, which left dozens of innocent people dead and wounded.

In his Wednesday statement, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi called on the United Nationsand other international bodies to open an investigation into the attack and Riyadh’sresponsibility for the killing of the Yemenis.

Qassemi then extended empathy with the families of the victims of the deadly attack, and said, “With its violent attacks targeting the innocent people of Yemen, Saudi Arabia is seeking to compensate for its political and military failures.”

The spokesperson said the Saudi airstrikes on residential areas and civilian targets as well as denying international bodies’ access to offer humanitarian aid to the victims are against all humanitarian laws.

Qassemi urged the UN and other key players in the Yemen crisis to step up their efforts to put an end to the Saudi airstrikes and adopt the required measures to protect the health and security of the Yemeni civilians, particularly women and children.

The airstrike, which was launched on a populated market, decimated a hotel complex and left many killed and injured.
According to reports, an airstrike launched by a Saudi jet, that struck Alaf market in Sa’dah, killed 26 and left 9 others wounded.

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