Saturday, November 26, 2022

Iran Blasts Arab League’s “Worthless” Statement

Iranian foreign ministry spokes man has slammed the Arab League’s recent anti-Iran statement, saying such“worthless” statements will not resolve the current regional crises, which are mostly caused by Riyadh’s futile policies.

In a Monday statement, Bahram Qassemi said the Arab League’s statement raised “completely false and distorted”allegations against the Islamic Republic.

Saudi Arabia managed to have the statement issued under the name of the foreign ministers of Arab League after exerting great pressure and spreading political propaganda, he added.

The statement serves the Zionist regime’s policy of fanning the flame of regional conflicts and diverting the attentions of Muslim governments and nations from the occupation of Palestine as the main issue of the Islamic world, he went on to say.

Iran calls on Saudi Arabia to substantiate the statement by putting an immediate end to brutal aggression on its Arab fellows in Yemen, where the civilians including children and women are falling victim to the Saudis’ grudge, Qassemi said.

He also said that Iran urges Saudi Arabia “to end its policy of exerting pressure on its Arab brothers in Lebanon, Qatar and the entire region.”

“Iran also calls on Saudi Arabia to stop its military deployment in Bahrain and let the people of Bahrain start dialogue among themselves to find a peaceful resolution to the current crisis,” he said.

The policy of the Islamic Republic has been based on establishing good relations with the regional states, he said.

Efforts made by Tehran to counter terrorism,its support for initiatives to resolve regional crises, helping restore peace and stability to the region through active participation in Astana Talks on Syria, offering plans like the four-point Yemen Peace Plan and initiating regional talks within this mechanism have all been part of this policy, he added.

“However, unfortunately Iran’s policy has been hampered by the reverse policy of Saudi Arabia, which is based on spreading divisions, conflicts and sabotage.”

“The solution to the current problems in the region, which are mainly caused by Saudi Arabia’s unproductive policies, is not issuing worthless statements like that of the Arab League.”

Rather, he added, the solution is to stop pursuing the policies of the Zionist regime and putting an end to its aggressiveness and sponsorship for terrorism.

Qassemi said Saudi Arabia must also accept the will of the regional nations and governments to achieve independence, freedom and progress and have a life of dignity and respect.

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