Sunday, October 2, 2022

How Iran Benefits from Washington’s More Hostile Strategy

A report by Basirat news website has discussed the benefits Iran can reap from the harder line recently taken, unanimously, by the US government and Congress against the Islamic Republic.

White House’s anti-Iran policies in the administration of Donald Trump have been continued with the approval of new sanctions bill against Iran’s missile program.

With 423 yeah votes against just 2 nay ones in the House of Representatives, the bill was approved and it shows the consensus of both US political parties on opposing the Islamic Republic’s defensive capability.

Earlier, the House had backed new sanctions against Lebanon’s Hezbollah, and also those individuals and governments that financially or militarily support the movement.

Another measure by the House was a resolution urging the European Union to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization or introduce it as a terrorist group.

In this way, it has been proved that Trump and his team are not the only ones who oppose the components of national power; it showed that all the ones at the US House of “cruelties” have such a hostile stance against our country.In the current situation, Trump as President of the United States announces these positions with his slanderous, bawdy, and gangster-like literature.

Meanwhile, they have been trying to keep silent on the nuclear deal while imposing new sanctions under such pretexts as missile defence programme and the regional influence of Iran. Their goal is to maintain a dead body of the JCPOA, and at the same time impose sanctions and put more pressure on the Islamic Republic by eroding the components of power and pushing for negotiations.

While ISIS and other Takfiri terrorists are gasping for their last breaths, recent US positions and measures shows that the concern of Washington and its regional and European allies is the change in the regional and power equations which is in favor of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the axis of resistance.

Therefore, after the US president did not approve Iran’s compliance with the JCPOA, the House of Representatives was tasked with reviewing and making new decisions. Being aware the costs of nullifying the deal, the House this time focused on the missile program and Iran’s productive capacities that could help the country deeply penetrate into the region.Thus, they approved sanctions against the Islamic Republic which is likely to be approved by the Senate and become a law.

However, the green light of the House of Representatives to Donald Tramp’s policies and their support for more sanctions and pressure on our country would offer the following minimum benefits for us:

  • It proved the hostility of the whole American political system towards Iran and the uselessness of some apparent differences between Republicans and Democrats and figures like Trump and Obama.
  • The unreliability of the cruel US ruling system.Despite the IAEA’s repeated confirmations of Iran’s compliance with its obligations, Washington has ignored them and sought to impose new sanctions despite their own violations of the deal.
  • It also proves that any compromise and negotiation with the United States is useless. The continuation of imposing sanctions against our people and country even after reaching an agreement has revealed their bullying nature. Therefore, in a situation that there is an analytical consensus at the national level on the arrogant nature of the United States, it is expected that the Iranian officials consider the following and adhere to them in order to help the country pass through the current situation:
  • Violations of the deal by the United States and its allies who have not complied with their obligations must be clearly stated stressing that Iran has carried out all its commitments.
  • Particular efforts must be made to counteract.In particular, the missile power of the country has to be boosted and developed, and the resistance movement must be supported to protectthe Establishment’s strategic depth in the region.
  • The European Troika should be convinced of the need for practical support for the implementation of the JCPOA. They must also be convinced not to accompany Trump in imposingcruel nuclear and non-nuclear sanctions against the Islamic Republic.
  • We ought to provide legal proof to the international associations and societies of US support for Takfiri terrorism and the transfer of ISIS terrorists and equipment to Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.
  • The United States’ human rights abuses must be legally proved in connection with Washington’s supports for the child-killing aggressive regimes, such as Israel and the Al Saud. Iran has to in cite the Muslim world to pursue the case at the international arena.
  • Iran’s national economy has to be boosted by resolving the weak points that encourage the enemy to take advantage of dirty and cruel sanctions to put more pressure on the country.

And lastly, this strategic mistake of the White House leaders should be turned into an opportunity to boost the culture of resistance and safeguard our national dignity. The United States must be introduced as a global arrogance and its nature has to be revealed as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The first post-revolution generation’s understanding of the United States now has the potential to be spread. November 4 (the anniversary of storming US embassy) is the best opportunity to spread this understanding and send a message to the arrogant White House leaders.


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