Sunday, September 25, 2022

Iran Alone in Supporting Oppressed People of Palestine: Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has critcitised the Muslim world’s silence towards Israel’s killing of Palestinian people, saying Tehran is almost alone in supporting the oppressed people of Palestine.

Speaking in a Wednesday cabinet session, Rouhani referred to Israel’s crimes and the killing of the defenceless and oppressed people of Palestine, and said, “What have the oppressed people of Gaza and al-Quds done that you are killing and committing so many crimes against them?”

Rouhani said Iran is “almost alone” in supporting the oppressed people of Palestine today, slamming Islamic states and Palestine’s neighbours for keeping silent vis-à-vis Tel Aviv’s crimes.

“Why major Muslim countries such as Egypt, Jordan and other countries have remained silent towards these crimes?” he asked.

Rouhani further noted that Israel, the United States and the West have formed proxy groups in the region, including in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen , Bahrain and Africa, and commit crimes and killings.

“May God damn those who started extremism in the World of Islam,” he said, adding that moderation is the only choice left for us today.

“The extremists will burn in the fire they have started,” he added.

He further offered his condolences to the government and people of Afghanistan for the tragic and horrific massacre of schoolgirls in Western Kabul.

“Those who commit these unbelievable crimes have defamed Islam and the main crime has been committed by those who have intervened in Afghanistan,” he added.

Government Trying to Bulldoze Wall of Sanctions

He further pointed to the US sanctions against Iran, and said his government is trying to bulldoze those sanctions despite certain efforts to hinder the process.

“This government is being attacked on three fronts: sanctions, COVID, defamation and false slanders, which we need to resist,” he said.

“”The first side of this triangle is oppressive sanctions. Sanctions mean depriving people of their basic rights. Sanctions are oppression and anyone who can lift the sanctions right now and delay it for an hour has committed a great and unforgivable sin against the people, and God will not forgive this sin.”

The president added, “In the agreement reached, we may have reached 85% or 90% instead of 100% of the claims, but some people only see the negative side”.

“In the Vienna talks, parts of the high wall of sanctions collapses every day, and if we join hands, it will all collapse in a short time,” said the President.

He added, “The 11th and 12th governments defeated Iranophobia and proved to the world that Iran is logical and open to negotiation and remains faithful to its commitment”.

Rouhani added, “The lifting of the arms embargo is to help the field, the army and the IRGC and to stand up to the enemy, and it was the government that broke the military embargo and built or completed the best offensive and defensive weapons. If in doubt it, you can ask the minister of defence.”

“The Zionists have always sought to portray Iran as an enemy of the region and their neighbours, and some governments have unknowingly believed that Iran is their enemy, but the 11th and 12th governments tried to dispel this misconception,” the president said.

“The government has dispelled the misconception that Iran is the enemy of the regional countries, and today our neighbours are talking about their readiness to establish good relations with us,” Rouhani added.

“The constructive factor that we have been emphasising since 2013 can be seen today in the region and Vienna, and we will stand by the policy of constructive interaction until the end, and do not doubt that the sanctions will be lifted and the Iranian nation will be victorious,” the president said.

“During the elections, slander happens more, so we need to stop doing this and see the facts,” he said, adding that the media have a heavy responsibility in this regard.

He also noted that “let us all join hands and make people come to the ballot box, the first priority of the system and the country is passionate elections.”


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