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House of Amir Bahador; 200-Year-Old Site in Downtown Tehran

The House of Amir Bahador in Moniriyeh Square, southern Tehran, is one of the most magnificent houses of the Qajar era which belongs to two centuries ago.

The house originally belonged to Hossein Pashazadeh, known as Amir Bahadar, who was the war minister of Mozaffar ad-Din Shah Qajar.

With an area of 3,000 square metres, the building has been introduced by the municipality as one of the major tourist hubs of the capital.

In 1967, the house of Amir Bahador was purchased by the Ministry of Culture for the Society for the National Heritage of Iran and was then renovated.

The house has a large hall and a mirrored basement, a large upper hall, a tiled decorated area and a number of rooms for holding meetings and lectures as well as other rooms with various functions.

There are bronze statues inside the courtyard. One of them is that of Kamal ud-Din Behzad, the Iranian painter during the late Timurid and early Safavid periods, and the second is Kamal Khujandi, the Sufi and poet of the 14th century, which was built by Mohammad Ali Madadi in 1979.

The third statue at the end of the yard is that of Allameh Ali Akbar Dehkhoda, the prominent Iranian linguist, scholar, politician and poet, which is designed by a French sculptor.

On the wall of the corridors of the building, there are pictures, manuscripts, and handwritten documents of Iranian scholars. There are also pictures of Pahlavi kings, poets and cultural figures drawn by leading Iranian painters.

What follows are photos of the house retrieved from Tehran Picture Agency:

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