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Ginger Halva; A Yummy Traditional Iranian Confection

Ginger halva is a traditional Iranian confection which is usually served with tea and as a delicious dessert.

This type of halva, which is usually served with tea after meals, is harder than the typical kind of Halva. Flour, butter, oil, ginger, cardamom, powdered sugar and powdered walnut are usually used to make this type of halva, which is put into square-shaped moulds.

It is interesting to know that in most restaurants in Tabriz, they serve tea and halva free of charge after the meal.

Ginger Halva; A Yummy Traditional Iranian ConfectionIngredients

Flour: 2 cupfuls

Powdered sugar: 1.5 cupfuls

Powdered walnut: 100gr

Butter: 150gr

Powdered ginger: 4 spoonfuls

Powdered cardamom: 4 cupfuls



Put the flour into a casserole and put it on mild heat. Keep mixing the flour with a wooden spoon until it is roasted and begins to smell good. Then remove the flour from the oven and sieve it.

Put the sieved flour in the casserole again and add butter. Sauté it until the butter is completely absorbed by the flour. Then remove the casserole from the heat, add powdered cardamom and powdered walnut, and mix them.

Let the mixture cool down a little bit (the flour should not be too hot, so that the powdered sugar will not melt and the halva will get crispy). Then sieve the powdered sugar onto it and mix them. Put the mixed materials in a dish or mould and press them down with the back of a spoon or by hand.

Sprinkle powdered sugar and shredded pistachios on it and cut it into squares or diamonds. Put the dish in the fridge until the halva becomes cold and hard. Then serve it with tea (This type of halva is very crispy and melts in your mouth)

 Ginger Halva; A Yummy Traditional Iranian Confection

Comment: You may add saffron to the halva to make it taste the same. You may also garnish the halva with liquid chocolate.

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