Tuesday, December 6, 2022

GAP Exhibition Presents Contemporary Iranian Architectural Works

The Global Architecture Profiling (GAP), a top international exhibition of architectural projects, has been kicked off at University of Melbourne, Australia, with Iran attending as this year’s special guest.

The GAP was established based on an initiative by senior lecturer of the University of Melbourne, Blair Gardiner, and seeks to cultivate cross-cultural ties between Melbourne and cities around the world by organising exhibitions to show the architectural projects of various urban centres.

In the current academic year, Tehran has been selected as the eighth city to display its architectural works. Hence, the GAP has invited 7 prominent Iranian architects who have carried out prominent projects in Tehran to participate in the event.

From Iran, the Keivani Architects Studio, the Huba-Design Architectural Office, the Madjdabadi Architectural Office, the Cloot, the Shift Design Group, the Next office, and the Moj-e-No (New Wave) Architectural Office, have been invited to the exhibition.

Nima Keivani said in an interview with the Mehr News Agency that “the exhibition is a student collective activity that takes place at the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning of University of Melbourne, Australia. This is an excellent occasion for further introducing contemporary Iranian architecture and contemporary art to the international community. We see that the media and international organizations are paying great attention to architecture, and it proves that our country’s architectural position in the world is growing.”

At this event, seven well-known architectural offices of Tehran, who had previously carried out noticeable projects, present their works at the exhibition to the public as well as to the students of Designing and Architecture at the University of Melbourne.

On the sidelines of this exhibition, full interviews with Iranian architects will be published on the websites, publications and social pages of the university. They will also be published in the form of books and catalogues along with a full report of the exhibition.

Furthermore, a report and video footage in form of Q&A will be presented to the audience. At this session specialized questions in the field of architecture would be raised and the architects can express their concerns.

The exhibition was started at 6 pm on September 28 at Atrium of the University of Melbourne’s School of Design and will continue until October 12, 2017.

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