Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Free Fruits Doled Out in Tehran to Change Kids’ Diet, Help Poor People

Grocery markets in the Iranian capital are offering free fruit in baskets to the needy people and children, to both help poor citizens add fruit to their food basket and promote fruit consumption among kids.

Following the voluntary and spontaneous implementation of a number of charity and welfare public projects by Iranian people, such as the “Wall of Kindness”, which were received very well by the public, two other similar plans titled “Fruit Basket of Kindness” and “Free Fruit Plan” are being carried out in the Iranian capital of Tehran to help poor people have access to free fresh fruit and vegetables and encourage kids to have more fruit.

These days, kids prefer to have junk food as well as harmful snacks instead of eating fruits, and thus, some parents are worried about their children’s reluctance to eat sufficient fruit and voice complaints about this issue.

The managing director of the Iranian grocery markets organization, Abdolhossein Rahimi, came up with the plan to offer free fruits for children in Tehran’s grocery markets.

The “Free Fruit Plan”, which has gone into effect in some of Tehran’s markets since six months ago, involves doling out free fruit to the needy people, particularly kids and the elderly on a daily basis. The fruit, washed already, is placed by shopkeepers and fruit sellers in baskets – refilled a number of times during the day – in grocery markets across Tehran.

In addition to enabling penurious people to include fruit in their daily diet, the project helps promote fruit and vegetable consumption among children.

Interesting about the initiative is that, in addition to the shopkeepers and people responsible for managing the affairs of the markets, it has been received very well by the citizens and customers who pour some of their personal purchases into the baskets.

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