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Face Yoga: A Unique Way to Keep Skin Young

Face yoga is one of the beauty techniques of our time which can be very effective in removing wrinkles and keeping one’s skin young.

Doing face yoga and massaging the face increases blood circulation and helps discharge toxic agents from the body. It will remove wrinkles and smooth jaw lines.

British dermatologists Danielle Collins and Julia Anastasiou are regarded as the first instructors of face yoga. Face Yoga has numerous benefits: it strengthens the lower muscles, speeds up blood circulation, increases the amount of oxygen absorbed from the surrounding environment, makes the skin shiny and bright, triggers the production of collagen and creates an elastic property in the face. By doing face yoga 20 minutes a day six days a week, you will see a considerable difference in your skin after just one month.

Face Yoga: A Unique Way to Keep Skin Young

  1. Sit up straight on a chair and put your hands on your thighs. Take a deep breath through the nose and hold your breath before exhaling the air through the mouth. Remove the air in your mouth between your left and right cheeks repeatedly for eight to 10 times before breathing it out. Then repeat the move again. This will prevent the creation of laugh lines and drooping, and boosts facial muscles.
  2. Look as if you are so much surprised. Keep your eyes wide open and pull your lips horizontally as much as you can. While doing this, you may keep repeating the English sound “o”. Do this ten times. This exercise will smooth the forehead and removes wrinkles.
  3. make a “V” shape using your middle and point fingers, putting them under your both eyes aligned with the two corners of eyebrows. Press your face with your fingers and at the same time try to close your eyes and move your eyebrows downward.
  4. Smile with your mouth closed and pull your lips alongside your face. Then immediately press your lips together in the opposite direction to become as small in size as possible.
  5. Put your point finger and thumb between the corner of your eyes an under the cheeks and press them. Do it eight times, every time for five seconds. The advantage of this exercise is that it strengthens check muscles and prevents the face from drooping.


By simply doing these exercises, which does not take much time, you will be able to have a healthy and young skin even when you are a middle-aged or old person. Among the benefits of the exercises is that they even remove wrinkles on old people’s faces.

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