Tuesday, May 28, 2024

High profile expert: Iranians must await new Covid wave in September

An Iranian medical expert has warned of a new wave of the Coronavirus as authorities lift mandatory requirements for wearing mask in public places outdoors.

Ms. Minoo Mohraz said people should await the resurgence of Covid in September.

She added that unlike the Iranian health ministry, medical experts did not become too happy because of the zero Coronavirus death toll in the recent past.

Mohraz added that actually, this does not mean the end of Covid.

She said the state of the disease could change and the current situation will lead to a new wave of the virus.

Ms. Mohraz also strongly opposed the relaxation of health protocols, saying she gets scared when seeing so many banners that advertise music concerts.

She added that the reason why she’s scared is that wearing masks are no longer mandatory in such places.

Earlier, Iranian officials lifted the mandate in open public places. They however said people are bound to wear masks in roofed places.

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