Expansion of Economic Ties with Neighbours a Priority: Iran VP

COVID-19 Punishes Those Who Sanctioned Iran’s Oil: First VP

A senior Iranian official says the sky is the limit for Tehran when it comes to the enhancement of economic relations with other nations, especially neighbouring countries.

First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri described Iran’s relations with its neighbours as “strategic,” saying, “we should not allow our economic exchanges to decrease because of some peripheral political issues.”

The top official said plans should be drawn up to handle economic relations at the time of sanctions.

“We should have precise programs for when sanctions might remain in place or be lifted; but assuming that conditions will improve and there will be opportunities for cooperation with European countries, we should bear in mind that neighbouring countries take priority when it comes to the expansion of ties; moreover, we should not forget the countries which worked with us during tough times,” he said in a joint meeting of heads of joint chambers of commerce of Iran and neighbouring countries.

The official then described Iran’s geographical situation as unique.

He said Iran lies on the routes of the North-South and East-West corridors and has 15 neighbours, which are good opportunities for the country’s development.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the vice president noted the private sector should become more active, adding those working in the economic arena should be supported.

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