Ali-Akbar San’ati Museum, a gallery of the Iranian maestro’s artworks, is located in a historic building in central Tehran belonging to the Qajar era.

The building has two floors, the first of which is composed of a large hall with its door opening to the south-eastern section of the building. The museum, located near the Imam Khomeini Square, has two other doors with one of them in the south-western section of the building and the other one opening to Ferdowsi Street.

The opening doors as well as the windows of the building are decorated with horseshoes and the shafts are covered with special stucco.

Meanwhile, a number of stone plinths with a 1.5m height each have been erected around the building. The museum’s facet is covered and decorated with seven-coloured bricks.

The Museum is home to at least 6,000 pieces of paintings and stone, bronze and plaster sculptures by San’ati (born in 1916).

Here are ISNA’s photos of the museum:


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