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Tasnim’s exclusive report on police raid against MEK camp in Albania; Who was the slain MEK terrorist?

An exclusive report by Iran’s Tasnim News Agency has shed some light on the Albanian police’s Tuesday raid on Camp Ashraf, the base of the anti-Iran terrorist group MEK and revealed on who the slain commander of the group was.

Tasnim said Abdolvahhab Faraji was a top commander of the MEK in the engineering operation of the terror group in the 1980s against Iran that was launched from Iraqi soil during the reign of former dictator Saddam Hussein.

According to Tasnim, some 20 MEK terrorists were also injured in the raid who are in critical condition now.

The news outlet added that the group is now making each and every effort to hide the fact that so many of its members were wounded in the attack.

Citing an informed source, Tasnim said Iran’s repeated warnings of a response in kind if the MEK threatens the Islamic Republic’s national security has persuaded foreign countries that giving sanctuary to the terrorist group would be too costly.

The source added what happened in Albania was in fact the result of Iran’s diplomacy of strength and the result of collective move of different organs inside the Islamic Republic.

In his latest reaction to the Albanian police raid on the MEK’s camp, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said due to its terrorist nature, the MEK will continue to threaten their hosts.

Nasser Kanaani added in a tweet that this is why the Iraqi government kicked out the group and other governments also refuse to accept them.

Kanaani expressed hope that the Albanian government will redress its mistake to host this terrorist cult.

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