Saturday, May 25, 2024

Ex-diplomats warn Iran govt. against ‘radical anti-West, pro-East policy’

A group of former Iranian diplomats have warned the government of President Ebrahim Raisi against sticking to what they describe as a “one-sided” look-to-the-East policy and anti-West approach, saying an unbalanced foreign policy agenda will harm the interests of the country.

“The policy of one-sided orientalism, radical anti-Westernism and denial of balanced relations with countries and world powers regardless of Iran’s geopolitical requirements cause irreparable damage to the interests of the country and impose exorbitant costs,” said the diplomats in a statement.

They called for a balanced foreign policy in regional and global relations, saying a realistic view in interactions with the world and impartial positions in issues that affect the national interests can be the driving force of a smart foreign policy in the current situation.

The diplomats lashed out at Russia and China for turning a blind eye to ties with Iran and taking sides with the Persian Gulf kingdoms in their territorial claims to three strategic Iranian islands of Abu Musa, the Greater and Lesser Tunbs.

Although based on the Iranian law, constructive interactions with all the countries of the world is at the forefront of the Islamic Republic’s diplomacy, and among them, Russia and China are of great importance, when it comes to national interests, there should be no appeasement with any party, the statement said.

The Raisi government has repeatedly said it seeks to expand relations with all world countries, including the Western ones, and a balanced foreign policy, but the priority will be the neighbors and friendly states.

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