Wednesday, September 28, 2022

“EU Allocates $80 Billion Credit to Cooperation with Iranian Firms”

Vice-President of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce says the EU has allocated a huge amount of credit to facilitating trade between Iranian and European small and medium-sized enterprises.

Pedram Soltani said after the incidents in Iraq and Syria, Europe is no longer interested in seeing insecurity and war in the Middle East and wants to stand by Iran firmly so much so that those incidents would not happen in the Islamic Republic.

“But Iranian political analysts are neglecting this issue, and they are creating a negative atmosphere in the country,” Fars News Agency quoted the Iranian official as saying.

Soltani pointed out that the $80 billion credit is allocated by the European Union to the cooperation of small and medium-sized Iranian and European companies.

“A European economic organization has been tasked with this, in order to establish a relationship between the two sides.”

The management of funds and small and medium-sized enterprises in the European Union is carried out by a subsidiary of the European Union, he added.

The commissioner for small and medium-sized industries of the European Union was in Iran three weeks ago and Iran’s Chamber of Commerce is going to negotiate with them as the representative of the private sector, noted Soltani, stressing that the Chamber of Commerce of Iran has established good ties with the European Union.

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