Millions of Dollars Saved Thanks to Iranians’ Participation in Online Census

Nearly 50% of Iranian people chose to participate in the online version of the country’s national census in 2016, and this has helped the government save millions of dollars.

During a Wednesday cabinet session attended by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, it was reported that 48.4% of Iranians have taken part in the online version of Iran’s national census in 2016.

“The record-high participation has helped the country save 120 billion tomans [nearly $33 million] and led to a 50-percent decrease in the number of human resources hired for the census,” the president’s official website noted.

Based on the census, the country’s population amounts to 79,926,270, 51% of which are men and 49% are women.

The nationwide census began on September 24, 2016, and ran through November 15, 2016. The census was conducted in two phases: online registration (September 24-October 15) and door-to-door survey (October 16-November 15).

The Statistical Center of Iran was the official body in charge of providing data on Iranian population, agriculture, manufacturing, trade and economy.



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