Friday, February 23, 2024

Daesh buys land in Afghanistan to set up camp

Head of Afghan Ghor Provincial Council says Daesh has purchased a plot of land in Tolack County, in this province near Herat to set up a camp.

According to IRNA, Fazlulhagh in an interview with a local news agency on Wednesday said before start of winter season, presence of Daesh elements in this region was certain.

map-afghanistan-HeratDue to Mafia nature of land transactions in Afghanistan and determining whether the person who has purchased the land is connected to the terrorist Daesh group is difficult right now.

Afghan security officials refuse to comment on this dangerous move by Daesh. General Jomeh Khan the former head of provincial security department in Ghor pronince who is now living in Kabul said he heard of such stories during his assignment in the region.

The General Governor of Ghor Province said he has no information about purchasing of land by a person affiliated to Daesh but said from time to time he hears some stories about presence of Daesh members in his province.

Elements affiliated to Daesh are more active in Nangarhar Province and last months they set up a bilingual Persian and Pashton Radio station in the province aimed at recurring new members and inciting people to stand against Afghan government. After 20 days this Radio station was discovered and destroyed and 20 people were also arrested in the raid.

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