Thursday, April 18, 2024

Covid deaths hit lowest since 5th wave of pandemic

The number of daily Covid deaths in Iran has hit their lowest level since the end of the fifth wave of the pandemic.

The Health Ministry announced on Monday over the past 24 hours, 105 people died of the disease in Iran. The total death toll now stands at 128,272.

There were 7,494 new cases including 1060 hospitalizations. Since the start of the pandemic, 6,045,212 people have contracted Covid in Iran.

The majority of them, that is, 5,708,253 people have recovered from the disease.

Meanwhile, Iran is pushing ahead with its nationwide campaign to vaccinate citizens against the Coronavirus. The number of people who have received the first dose of vaccine has reached 55,860,065. This comes as 42,619,788 people have received the second dose. The number of people who have been given the third dose, also known as the booster shot, is 562,756. The total number of doses administered in Iran is 99,042,609.

Currently, 26 cities are marked red with the highest risk of Covid. 87 cities are orange, 222 yellow and 113 are blue. Blue cities face the least level of risk from Covid.

The high rate of vaccination has been credited for the falling number of deaths and rising number of blue cities. But the government has urged citizens to remain cautious as relaxing health protocols could shoot up new cases of Covid-19.

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