Thursday, December 1, 2022

Controversy surrounding a bill that would call for a halt to nuclear talks

Some MPs have withdrawn their signatures from the bill citing the deceitful tactics of its sponsors.

Despite expression of opposition by Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani earlier, a bill that carries a triple urgency status and, if adopted, would require a halt to nuclear talks [until the US apologizes to Iran for its use of threatening language] was presented to the Presiding Board of the Islamic Consultative Assembly on May 12.

According to, a news website, the bill that is dubbed Islamic and Revolutionary Defense of the Honor, Identity and Authority of the Iranian Nation during Nuclear Talks, has been signed by 80 MPs.

On Tuesday Alireza Salimi, a principlist deputy in the chamber, lashed out at Mashhad Deputy Javad Karimi Ghoddusi, who co-sponsored the bill, and said, “He brought us a bill with double urgency status for signature, but later we realized it carries triple urgency status.”

He further said he is bitterly opposed to the current bill, “Unfortunately, some MPs including Mr. Ghoddusi, have used my decision to sign the bill to encourage others to follow suit.”

Salimi, who represents Mahallat in parliament, further said a number of deputies including Messrs. Ali Motahari, Mohammad Taghi Tavakoli, [Hossein] Naghavi Hosseini, Esmail Kowsari and himself are opposed to the bill and are withdrawing their signatures from the bill even in its previous status [double-urgent].

In another development, a number of MPs filed a complaint with the Presiding Board of the chamber against Ghoddusi.

According to Mohammad Hossein Farhangi, the complaint has been referred to the Complaint Office of the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

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