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Chinese envoy: US should address Iran’s concerns in nuclear talks

The United States, as the initiator of the current crisis in Iran’s nuclear agreement with the West after its unilateral pullout in 2018, has to do away with its double standards in dealing with the atomic issue and allay Iran’s concerns to help seal an agreement, China’s ambassador to Tehran says.

In an interview with the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), Chang Hua said talks to restore the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear agreement have reached a sensitive point, advising all sides to adopt a flexible and pragmatic stance by responding to all parties’ concerns and interests in order to strike a lasting agreement.

US’s ‘incendiary stance’ on Taiwan

The Chinese ambassador had some harsh words for the United States for stirring up tensions with its ‘interfering policies’ on Taiwan.

He said the recent provocative trip by the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as the third highest-ranking person in the country, to Taiwan amid the already tense ties between China and the United States, was “a severe violation of China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and the One China policy.”

The envoy stressed that China’s punitive measures against Pelosi’s ‘reckless’ trip would include rolling back military ties with Washington and suspension of cooperation based on some other agreements.

Tehran-Beijing ties recovering

Chang Hua expressed optimism that Iran’s relations with China, especially trade ties, hit by the coronavirus outbreak, improve and reach the pre-pandemic levels.
He noted Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has held talks with the Chinese head of state Xi Jinping on several occasions “to direct the expansion of ties between Iran and China and give the ties a new political momentum.”

China supports Iran’s SCO membership

Beijing backs the Islamic Republic’s full membership at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), expected to be officially announced in an upcoming meeting of the SCO scheduled in September this year in the Uzbek city of Samarkand, according to Chang Hua.

“Undoubtedly, Iran’s official accession to the SCO, in addition to strengthening regional security cooperation, will lead to the development of economic and commercial cooperation and the promotion of cultural exchanges among the people of the member states,” he said.

‘Afghanistan shouldn’t be a failed state’

Regarding the developments in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover last year, the Chinese envoy said the country should not become a failed state detached from the international community.

He said China has always respected Afghanistan’s independence, national sovereignty and territorial integrity and will never interfere in its internal affairs.

However, he added that the international community expects the interim administration in Kabul to push for national reconciliation efforts, form an inclusive government, and guarantee employment, education and women’s rights.

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