Saturday, December 3, 2022

Photo of the Day

Magnificent Photos of Milky Way Galaxy on Astronomy Day

Photo by YJC's Milad Panahi and ISNA's Mohammad-Mehdi Ameli

Rahmanlou Port on Shores of Dried Lake Urmia

Photo by Maryam Ebrahimeh, ISNA

Drought in Iran’s Evergreen Gilan Province

Photo by Mojtaba Mohammadi, IRNA

Beauty of Spring in Iran’s North Khorasan

Photo by Maryam Davarnia, Mehr News Agency

Coal Miners in Iran’s Golestan Province

Photo by Ali-Asghar Ghezelsafloo, IRNA

Over 40,000 Tulips Planted in Tehran’s City Park

Photo by Mohsen Danak, Tehran Picture Agency

Camomile Harvest in Golestan, Northern Iran

Photo by Kaveh Seyyed-Ahmadian

Trick-or-Treating in Shiraz on Fireworks Wednesday

Photos by Mohammad-Reza Dehdari, ISNA

Gold Fish Farming in Iran’s Rasht

Photos by Mojtaba Mohammadi, IRNA

Number of Iranian Kids Infected with COVID-19 Increasing: Official

An Iranian official says the number of kids under 10 years of age admitted to hospitals for coronavirus infection has increased from 2-3 percent of all admissions to 11 percent.

Spring Flower Harvest in Iran’s Khuzestan

Photo by Morteza Yaghouti, YJC

Iranians Wash Their Carpets Ahead of Nowruz

Photo by Mohammad Moheimani, IRNA

Khuzestan Citizens Tested for Coronavirus in Most Crowded Streets

Iranian medical workers in Khuzestan province test citizens with rapid coronavirus kits in the city's busiest streets in order to identify the infected ones more quickly. Khuzestan is currently the worst-hit Iranian province in terms of coronavirus outbreak.

Larus Birds Arrive in Iran’s Shiraz as Part of Annual Migration

Larus migratory birds annually choose Shiraz for its pleasant weather in winter and fly to the Dry River of the southern Iranian city.

Lake Maharlou in Iran’s Fars Province Dries Up

Photo by Mohammad-Reza Dehdari, ISNA

Single Trees Standing Shrouded in Winter Mist

Photos taken in Gharib-Mahalleh village of Behshahr in northern Iran by Gholam-Reza Ahmadi, Tasnim

Snow in Heights of Chalus, Northern Iran

Photo by Gholamreza Shams Nateri, Fars News Agency

Severe Cold Hits Zahedan in Southeastern Iran

Severe cold in Sistan and Baluchestan province, especially its capital city Zahedan, has imposed heavy damages on farmers and their crops this year.

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