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Not Everything Will Return to Normal after COVID-19: Philosopher

A prominent Iranian philosopher says not everything will return to the previous state when the coronavirus pandemic is over.

COVID-19 Pandemic Makes Lepers Lonelier Than Ever

A clergyman in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad is mingling with lepers who have slipped into oblivion for years and who everyone stays away from.

Little People Join Popular Campaign to Help Poor in Iran

Couples of short stature have gathered in a mosque in Tehran to participate in an aid program to help the poor people.

Devoted Teachers Making Sacrifices amid COVID-19 Outbreak in Iran

Many teachers in remote and underprivileged areas of Iran are making sacrifices to keep instructing their students amid the closure of schools because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ancient Pottery Item Reminder of Unity against COVID-19 Pandemic

An archaeologist has compared to coronavirus the images on a 7-thousand-year-old earthenware item which depict farmers in the south or north of Iran dancing and jumping for joy around their harvest.

Iran Holds Painting Contest for Kids Quarantined at Home

Tehran’s Golestan Gallery has held a painting competition for children during the days of COVID-19  lockdown.

Iranian Artists Produce Mask at Hafez Hall of Tehran

A number of Iranian theatre, television and music artists have set up a charity workshop to produce masks at the Hafez Hall of Tehran amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Iranian Artist Tells How It Is to Spend 10 Years in Self-Isolation

While the outbreak of coronavirus in the world has turned self-isolation into an effective precautionary measure to protect the people’s health, an Iranian artist tells the story of his reclusive life over the past 10 years, saying that living in quarantine is not as difficult as it may seem.

Iranians Latch onto Homemade Bread under Self-Quarantine

As the Iranian people have self-isolated amid the outbreak of coronavirus and have become obsessed by the health tips in the purchase of groceries, many families have decided to bake homemade bread to avoid getting out and buying from the bakeries.

Luxurious Yet Fun Gadgets for Your Pets

Having a pet is like having a child. You care for their well-being and sometimes, you splurge and get expensive and luxurious gadgets that you know you can utilize with them. However, they are fun to use and can even sometimes make life much easier.

Benevolent Family Finds a Way to Help Autistic Children during COVID-19 Outbreak

An Iranian family with an autistic child has put their villa in Karaj at the disposal of the Adult Autism Empowerment Institute to make it easier for the families with autistic kids to observe health recommendations during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Young Girl Volunteers to Purify Bodies of COVID-19 Victims before Burial

A young Iranian lady is voluntarily purifying the dead bodies of coronavirus victims as part of the funeral ritual that all deceased people go through in the country.

Iranian Holy Shrine Used for Production of Masks amid COVID-19 Outbreak

The holy shrine of Shah Cheragh in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz has been temporarily turned into a workshop for local women producing masks amid the outbreak of the COVID-19 in the country.

Iranian Woman Weightlifter-cum-Nurse Helping COVID-19 Patients

An Iranian woman weightlifter, who has attended international contests for the first time, has now rolled up her sleeves to help fight the coronavirus.

Several Natl. Icons Rush to Help Needy Amid COVID-19 Outbreak in Iran

Several Iranian world champions as well as a renowned actor have rolled up their sleeves to reach out to needy families amid the coronavirus outbreak.

In Pictures: How Iranians Cope with COVID-19 Quarantine

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and the spread of the pandemic, the first advice to cut off the contagion chain is to stay home. In such circumstances, the place in which people live and the objects with which they are in touch are redefined, and will have a new and perhaps different meaning.

Qashqai Wedding; Unique Ceremony of Iranian Nomadic People

One of the happiest and most indigenous celebrations in Iran is the Qashqa'i wedding. The people of this tribe do their best to hold a glorious ceremony.

Iranian Radiologist Helping European COVID-19 Patients for Free

Hamdreza Edraki is an Iranian radiologist and war veteran who is doing his best to serve the people not only in Iran but also in other countries amid the coronavirus contagion.

Retired Nurse Returns to Help Tackle Coronavirus Crisis in Iran

As Iran is severely hit by the outbreak of a novel coronavirus, many nurses and doctors have volunteered to work in the special centres for treatment of COVID-19 patients. Among them is a retired nurse who has returned to help tackle the nationwide crisis.

‘Smiling Challenge’ to Combat Coronavirus Going Viral in Iran

A challenge has become viral on social media networks which calls on Iranian people to smile to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

Iranians Roll up Sleeves to Help Contain Coronavirus Outbreak

People from all walks of life have gone into action to help disinfect deprived areas as part of efforts to contain the coronavirus outbreak in Iran.

Spring Cleaning for Nowruz in Northern Iran

Based on an old tradition, Iranian people all over the country clean their houses before the beginning of spring, and the Persian New Year holidays known as Nowruz.

Young Couple Selling Iranian Handicrafts Online

An Iranian couple has created a website to introduce and sell various Iranian handicrafts after years of travelling to different provinces of Iran and exploring different crafts in different parts of the country.

Café Nanism; A Cozy Place in Tehran Run by Short People

Nanism is the name of a café in Tehran run by short-height people.

Iranian Cleric Promoting Book-Reading among Children in Deprived Areas

An Iranian cleric has gained reputation for running cultural activities in remote rural areas of Western Iran, promoting book-reading among children.

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