Tuesday, August 16, 2022


Richard Clayderman to Hold His First-Ever Concert in Iran

Renowned French pianist Richard Clayderman, known as the most successful pianist in the world, is set to hold his first-ever live performance in Iran this summer.

Renowned Iranian Musician Cheshmazar Dies at 67

Nasser Cheshmazar, an iconic Iranian musician with a decades-long career studded with brilliant achievements, has passed away.

Slovakian Musician Praises Iranian Music as Lovely, Attractive

A Slovakian Band called Mucha Quartet has recently performed a concert in Iran as part of the Slovakia’s Culture Week in Tehran’s Niavaran Cultural Centre.

Renowned Italian Pianist Creates Memorable Nights for Iranians

Critically-acclaimed Italian pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi performed his emotionally-charged music for three consecutive nights for the first time in Tehran.

Kitaro Talks of His Interest in Iranian Folk Music

Acclaimed Japanese musician and composer Masanori Takahashi, globally known by his nickname Kitaro, say he often listens to the Iranian folk music and considers it highly valuable.

Sound of Folklore Music at Tehran Metro Stations ahead of Nowruz

A few days before the beginning of the Persian New Year (Nowruz), the municipality of Tehran has organised live music performances for the citizens in several subway stations across the capital.

Legendary Italian Composer to Hold Concert in Iran

Renowned Italian pianist and composer, Ludovico Maria Enrico Einaudi, is expected to visit Iran along with his ensemble in April.

Shajarian, Greatest Living Maestro of Persian Singing

Known as the “King of Persian traditional singing,” “Iran’s most popular artist of the time” and “the greatest living maestro of Persian classical music," the globally-renowned Mohammad Reza Shajarian has been the inspiring voice of generations in Iran for several decades.

Chinese, Iranian Musicians Give Joint Performance in Memory of Seafarers

On the third day of the thirty-third International Fajr Music Festival, a band from China has given a joint performance with Iranian musicians and dedicated one of the songs to the Iranian sailors who are feared dead in a ship collision in Eastern China.

Italian Jazz Genius to Give Concert in Iran

Italian genius Jazz musician Francesco Cafiso will give a concert in Tehran on January 19 as part of the 33rd International Fajr Music Festival.

Museum of Sound to Open in Iran’s Tabriz

A museum of sound is to open in the Iranian city of Tabriz, showcasing a whole range of new and old musical instruments and other items related to sound.

Famous Icelandic Composer Amazed by Iran’s Beauties

Young Icelandic music producer, Ólafur Arnalds, who recently gave live performances in Iran, has praised the country and its beauties in several tweets and Instagram posts.

German Band Schiller Talks of Memorable Nights in Tehran

After five nights of live performance in Tehran, Christopher von Deylen, the founder and sole member of German electronic band Schiller, says he will never forget the moments on stage.

German Electronic Band Schiller in Tehran for Rare Performance

German electronic band Schiller, led by Christopher von Deylen, is to perform a series of concerts starting Monday, December 11, at the Ministry of Interior Auditorium in Tehran.

Legendary Singer Holds Benefit Concert for Iran Quake-Hit People

Legendary Iranian vocalist, Shahram Nazeri, and the Kamkars, Iran’s leading Kurdish family music ensemble, joined together in a concert to raise funds for the victims of the deadly earthquake which shattered their homeland Kermanshah in western Iran.

Vienna University of Music Keen to Promote Ties with Iran

A senior official with University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna has expressed the hope that Iran and Austria would expand their cooperation in the field of music.

UNESCO to Register Iranian Polo, Kamancheh as Intangible Cultural Heritage

UNESCO is to officially register an Iranian sport and a traditional Persian musical instrument on its list of intangible cultural heritage in a month’s time.

Three American Rappers in Arba’een Pilgrimage

Three African-American rap artists have participated in this year’s Arba’een pilgrimage, the world’s largest religious gathering annually held in Iraq.

Playing Tanbur; Ancient Ritual in Iranian City of Dalahu

The ancient ritual of playing Tanbur, a special Iranian musical instrument, was recently held in the city of Dalahu in the western province of Kermanshah.

Int’l Piano Festival in Tehran Hosting Famous Musicians

The International Piano Improvisation Festival, attended by nine famous European and two musicians from Iran, is being held at Tehran’s Niavaran Cultural Centre since September 22.

FC Barcelona’s Head Coach Amazingly Resembles Iranian Singer

The close resemblance of Barcelona's head coach to a famous Iranian pop singer has went viral in Iran.

Two New Percussion Instruments Unveiled in Tehran

In a ceremony in Tehran, two new percussion instruments called ‘Daf-e Kooki’ (a type of frame drum) and ‘Dom Dom’ (a kind of double-headed drum) were unveiled.

Iranian Family Starts 60-Day March to Protest Concert Ban

Members of an Iranian family from the northeastern city of Mashhad have embarked on a 60-day march to show their protest against a local ban on holding concerts in the holy city.

Iran Holds International Frame Drum Festival

The Seventh National Festival and First international Course on Daf (a type of frame drum) was held in Sanandaj, western Iran, from August 30 to September 1, 2017.

Semnan to Host Iranian Folk Music Festival

The first edition of a music festival for eastern Iranian ethnic groups is set to be held in the historical city of Sorkheh in Iran’s central province of Semnan.

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