Saturday, December 3, 2022

Iranian Artists Gives Live Performance on Significance of Peace

Iranian painter and sculptor Alireza Asanlou has given a live performance about peace at the Baroque Gallery in Tehran.

Asked about the idea of holding such an event Asanlou says peace existed from the beginning, but the human beings were not paying attention to it.

“Our talks are about war or anti-war, while peace is always there, and when we move away from it, war is created,” he noted.

He further added that all people are contributing to the vital issue of war and peace and must respond to it.

“The painting that I drew in this event consists of three figures: a soldier, a woman and an embryo. I tried to portray this soldier at the moment of death, and on the other side there is a woman who can be his mother or his wife who is very worried about him.”

This Iranian artist also underlined that the third person seen in this work is an embryo which is a symbol of the next generation.

“I think every generation shapes the world in one form and delivers it to the next generation. I performed this part of the work live. I poured red colour on top of it, symbolizing war and bloodshed. This colour spills between the two characters and flows on the embryo. I have symbolically tried to protect the embryo with my hands so that blood and pain and death do not reach him. I try to preserve the next generation and deliver this message that as an artist we tried to take a step to make our voice heard and say that we are looking for the peace and tranquility of the next generation.”

Asanlou went on to say that he was not thinking about painting at this event and creating dialogue was much more important to him.

The interesting thing about the event was the impressive presence of the people. More than 150 people attended the performance listening to my words and expressing their own ideas, and at the end they wrote their peace message, noted Asanlou.

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