Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Soundtrack Album of ‘The Warden’ to Be Released Globally

Ramin Kousha, the composer of the Iranian drama “The Warden”, says the soundtrack album of the film would be presented at an international level.

Kousha has already composed music for 40 American films and series, including “Radio Flash”, “A Day like a Week” and “5th Passenger”. Since a while ago, he has been working with young filmmakers in Iran.

His most recent work is the music of “The Warden” that is currently in theatres across the country, and is among the best-selling movies.

Kousha has elaborated on the details of the soundtrack in various parts of the film. “Maybe Nima Javidi (the film director) cannot speak with the language of music and its techniques, but he knows well what he wants from a scene created in the script.”

“He always explained to me the result of this process and helped me choose the right musical space and arrangement,” added Kousha.

“In coordination with Nima, we’re going to publish the Warden’s soundtrack album in a month,” he said.

He went on to say that he is “in talks with some internationally-acclaimed companies to bring the work to the final stage. Therefore, we are currently busy separating various pieces of the film, and hopefully we will see the release of this work as soon as possible.”

The use of percussion and string instruments is notable in the music of this film.

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