Can India Mediate between Iran and US?

Can India Mediate between Iran and US?

Chief Minister of India’s Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath says the US can no longer act as a mediator between quarreling states and that the “entire world” expects New Delhi to shoulder the task of reducing tensions between Iran and the US.

“When the US and Iran are engaged in a dispute, the entire world is saying only India can mediate and resolve it,” RT quoted Adityanath as saying

Earlier on 12 January Indian daily newspaper Sakaal Times had suggested that India can mediate between Iran and the US

Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, however, has not gone so far as to elucidate whether India is ready to proclaim its interest in mediation between the two countries.

The conflict between Iran and US has been escalating since the US assassinated Iranian General Qassem Soleimani at the Baghdad Airport while he was paying a visit to Iraq at the invitation of the Iraqi Government. The assassination was ensued by Iran’s missile attack on the US base in Ayn al-Assad in Iraq, where, Iran believed, the assassination was planned.

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