Thursday, September 29, 2022

‘Bolton’s Remarks Show His Sadism, Grudge against Iranians’

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has downplayed the cheap remarks recently made by US National Security Advisor John Bolton, describing them as a symptom of his anti-Iran grudge and chronic sadism.

“Time, history and the Iranian culture have always been able to teach the necessary lessons to scoundrels who make excessive demands and who rave and rant, and [have been able] to easily tame insane, recalcitrant and unruly individuals,” Qassemi said in a Wednesday statement.

“The cheap remarks by John Bolton, which indicate his bellicose nature and spiteful personality in dealing with Iranian people, are nothing new and remarkable,” he added.

“As he has shown since long ago, he has a long-standing grudge against Iranians. He has abnormal behaviour and suffers from chronic sadism against Iran,” he said.

“He sometimes knowingly or unknowingly begins to talk and uses words that professional politicians usually avoid using,” the spokesman added.

He said such language basically does not exist in the diction of any professional and trained politician.

“It is no surprise to see an American official who has been in contact with some terrorist groups since long ago and who is in their pay make such cheap remarks,” he added.

“He speaks, with pleasure and very unconventionally and shamefully, of putting more pressure and imposing sanctions on Iran and threatening the country,” said the spokesman.

“Undoubtedly, he has not yet been able to grab a proper understanding of Iranians and Iran, and in the not-too-distant-future, will certainly find the chance to understand the capability, vigilance and prudence of the Iranian nation and to get familiar with their history and culture,” Qassemi added.

“Today, like always, the great Iranian nation will stand up to foreign aggressors and the enemies of this land and nation with strategic patience and prudence as it always has,” he said.

Qassemi said Iranians will definitely not allow the pipe dreams of these individuals to come true.

His comments came after Bolton said his country will keep up pressure on Iran after imposing new sanctions on the Islamic Republic early this month.

Bolton said on Tuesday that Washington’s ultimate aim was to zero Iran’s oil exports despite backing down on the pledge after eight importers were given waivers when the sanctions took effect on Nov. 5.

“The objective has been from the beginning to get oil exports from Iran down to zero,” Bolton said. “It is our intention to squeeze them very hard. As the British say: ‘Squeeze them until the pips squeak’.”

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