Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Bin Salman’s Praise of Israel Major Disgrace for Saudi Arabia: Iran

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has lashed out at Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for his recent remarks in praise of the Israeli regime, saying such policies amount to a disgrace for Saudi Arabia.

In a statement on Friday, Bahram Qassemi blasted the fresh comments by cynical Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman in an interview with the American Time magazine. In his interview, bin Salman described the Saudi regime, which has launched aggression on Yemen, and the usurper Israeli regime, as having common interests and enemies such as Iran.

“The ambitiousness of the skeptical Saudi heir to the throne has exceeded the limits and is turning into an incurable and chronic illness,” said Qassemi.

“In the power struggle going on inside the [Saudi] monarchial dynasty and in order to win the support of the US and, recently, the Israeli regime, which has occupied Quds, he not only paid billions of dollars from the wealth of his own people, but also makes whatever ridiculous and embarrassing remark he can,” the spokesman said.

“This power-and-fame-seeking novice has turned a blind eye to all historical realities and seven decades of crimes committed by the usurper and child-killing Zionist regime, and speaks of recognition of, and alignment with this illegitimate regime in a great and blatant betrayal of the cause of Palestine,” Qassemi added.

“His words show he has neither studied history, nor knows geography, nor understands the cause of its people and of freedom-seekers around the world, nor understands the oppression exerted against the Muslim community and Palestinian people, nor can differentiate between Palestine, the Arab world, and the Muslim world, nor can tell friend from foe,” the spokesman said.

“We warn that all the divisive plots hatched in recent years among Muslim countries plus the creation and expansion of terrorist and extremist groups such as ISIS and the like, have been orchestrated and executed with the aim of triggering divisions and rifts in the Islamic world and gradually burying the cause of Palestine into oblivion and creating a margin of safety for the fabricated and usurper Zionist regime.”

“The policies adopted recently by the Saudis amount to a very sad tragedy as those polices have downgraded an Islamic country, with all its ostentatious claims, to the level of a person who praised the Zionist regime, which has occupied Quds,” Qassemi said.

“This humiliation and self-inflicting move bodes ill for those behind this historical regression and will be regarded as a major disgrace for Saudi Arabia during the course of developments in the Muslim world,” he noted.

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