Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Bahram-e Gur Protected Area is home to various species (Photos)

The Persian Zebra, which is indigenous to the deserts of Iran, is living together with other animals in this protected area.

Bahram-e Gur Protected Area in Fars province is the birthplace and habitat of the Persian Zebra, a subspecies of Asian Zebra (Equus hemionus) and large mammal belonging to the horse family. The Persian Zebra, which is similar to donkey but larger in size, is now critically endangered.

Wild goats, rams, ewes, foxes, wild boars, agamas [small, long-tailed, insect-eating lizards of the genus Agama], and monitor lizards live together with other animals in the conservation area.

The back-to-back droughts the area has experienced in recent years have jeopardized the lives of animals living there.

Tasnim News Agency on January 6 released photos of the protected area in southern Iran. Take a look:


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