Monday, March 27, 2023

Attackers Storm Iran’s Embassy in London

Iran’s ambassador to Britain says a few supporters of a counter-revolutionary group have raided the Iranian embassy in London.

According to Hamid Baeidinejad, they were advocates of the so-called Shirazi cult. They brought down the Iranian flag, raised their group’s flag on the roof and chanted slogans against Iranian authorities.

They also cursed Prophet Mohammad’s wife Aisha, her father Abu Bakr, as well as Osman and Omar, two of Prophet Mohammad’s companions, who are highly-respected figures in Sunni Islam. They were seen brandishing sticks and machetes as they stormed the building. Police were present at the scene.

The assailants reportedly demanded the freedom of detained Seyyed Hussein Shirazi, the son of  Iraqi religious figure Ayatollah Shirazi.

Footage of the incident was aired live on some anti-revolutionary channels.



Iran Embassy Raid Over: UK Apologizes, Arrests All Assailants

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