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Artists commemorate Hamid Samandarian

The Iranian artistic community has honored the memory of renowned theater director Hamid Samandarian. A July 14th issue of Iran Daily – a Tehran-based English-language newspaper – ran a short report on the ceremony to mark the occasion.

Iranian theater and cinema artists commemorated the death anniversary of the late theater director Hamid Samandarian on July 13.

Veteran actor Jamshid Mashayekhi, who proudly introduced himself as one of Samandarian’s students, said, “I collaborated with him in two works: ‘The Dead Without Ceremonies’ and ‘Andorra’. I still remember how excited he was during rehearsals. We always favored his notes and advice. I learned a lot from him and I always mention that Samandarian was my teacher in theater.”

Reza Kianian also said, “Samandarian is the second Noushin of Iranian theater.”, “While Abdolhossein Noushin was the first who brought Western theater to Iran, Samandarian was the one who presented theater and mise-en-scene education, trained many theater artists and translated Western theater texts according to scientific and academic standards.”

Samandarian died at the age of 81 in Tehran in July 2012 after prolonged illness.

Samandarian learned the basics of theater under the supervision of some of Germany’s greatest masters.

Upon returning to Iran, he started teaching theater and trained many talented stage actors.

The Iranian artist staged numerous dramas during his lifetime, including ‘No Exit’ by Jean Paul Sartre, ‘Ghosts’ by Henrik Ibsen, ‘The Glass Menagerie’ by Tennessee Williams and ‘Marriage of Mr. Mississippi’ by Friedrich Durrenmatt.

The production of Durrenmatt’s ‘Old Lady’s Visit’ in Tehran about five years ago, was Samandarian’s last dramatic experience.

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