Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Ahmad Shaheed’s Human Rights report is politically motivated, biased and unacceptable

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman reacts to Human Rights Report by Ahmad Shaheed

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Hosein Jaberi Ansari reacting to the latest human rights report by UN Special Human Rights Rapporteur, Ahmad Shaheed said such reports are compiled based on views of certain countries aimed and certain countries by abusing the international human rights mechanism, reported Tasnim News Agency.

This selective approach will not improve human rights condition internationally but rather will lead to some political quarrel among countries and in long run undermine efforts aimed at upholding such rights globally, Mr. Ansari said.

He added that from our point of view, the latest report by Ahmad Shaheed content wise is biased and politically motivated and discriminatory. Methodologically, the report is unbalanced and imaginative and instead of relying on concrete realities it is prepared based on unsubstantiated information.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman said, the government of Islamic Republic of Iran is committed to improving quality of human rights and is trying to foster basic human rights of its nation based on country’s Constitution and religious values and is busy with preparing Citizenship Rights Charter. He said due to what I said and because the report reflects some political objectives, we categorically dismiss the latest human rights report made by Ahmad Shaheed against Islamic Republic.

Mr. Ansari went on saying that promotion of human Right is an important issue for every country and only through cooperation and dialog as well as non-selective and fair treatments, human rights could be improved universally.

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