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Advisor: Haj Qassem won battle of hearts by respecting humans

An advisor to Iran’s top General Qassem Soleimani, who was martyred by a US drone attack in 2020, says the late commander managed to prevent the Zionist regime from maneuvering in the occupied Golan Heights with missiles he received from a Russian officer as a gift.

Hassan Ravandeh made the comment as he related his memories of Haj Qassem, the top general’s nom de guerre due to the prowess he earned after fighting in the imposed Iraqi war and in Syria against myriads of Takfiri terror groups.

According to Tehran-based Fars News Agency, Ravandeh says General Soleimani had asked for a thousand Krasnopol shells, which are munitions for a Soviet 152/155 mm cannon-launched, fin-stabilized, semi-automatic laser-guided, artillery weapon system. Haj Qassem said Iran would pay for the shells.

The Russia general had told him that he had 140 shells and that he would give 100 of them to Haj Qassem and would keep the remaining 40 ones for his troops in Syria. The Russian officer did not receive any money for the shells though. The officer, now the commander of the Russian Army’s aerospace unit, sent a photo of himself along with his wife and child while holding a picture of Haj Qassem after the Iranian general was martyred. Enclosed was his message of condolence which read, “We could not do anything but we share your grief”. General Soleimani’s advisor also says the late commander was so popular among Russian officers and even rank-and-file troops because he exchanged pleasantries warmly with all of them while visiting their positions in Syria.

Ravandeh added that in meetings with foreign officials, Haj Qassem would utter a sentence which had become his signature, saying “Ana Khademokom, which is Arabic for “I’m your servant”.

He noted that respect for human beings was the key to Haj Qassem’s success in winning hearts.

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