Friday, September 22, 2023

Advisor to former Iranian pres.: Russia’s developments prove nukes do not bring security 

An advisor to former Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has questioned the claim that nuclear arms bring security by citing the developments in Russia.

In a thread on his Twitter account, Hamid Aboutalebi said that the quasi-coup by the Wagner mercenaries and the Ukraine quagmire showed the claim that nukes guarantee internal political security and stability is wrong.

He added that it’s false to say nuclear weapons bring invincibility and deterrence.

The advisor to the former Iranian president also suggested that the rule of the military top brass and the dominance of the militias over a country’s affairs pose a threat and that’s why political figures in the West have the final say on all state matters including war and peace.

Aboutalebi maintained that ignoring people in politics could lead to unknown consequences and a huge national crisis.

He said that the ongoing developments in Russia, regardless of who wins and who loses, will have deep implications for the politics of the country, the region and the whole world. Aboutalebi stressed that the developments could even prompt pro-Russia countries to reconsider their major policies.

He added that what caused the collapse of the Berlin Wall could be happening again.

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