Sunday, December 10, 2023

Administering Covid booster shot starts in Iran

An Iranian Health Ministry official says Iran’s State Vaccination Committee has approved booster shots of Covid vaccine for frontline healthcare workers.

Seyyed Mohsen Zahraei said the next group to get the third dose of Covid vaccine are other medical staff. 

He added that after the medical staff, the chemical war disabled and the 50% disabled will get the third dose and then people of all age groups. 

Zahraei said the booster shots are already being administered. The vaccine type depends on the first and second doses. 


Zahraei noted that people can get the booster shot six months after getting their second dose. All people must get the booster shot as the Covic vaccine immunity decreases over time.  

Zahraei also said Iran hopes to vaccinate the majority of people in the next couple of months as a huge quantities of vaccines have been imported from abroad. 

The downward trend of Covid deaths and infections in Iran has been attributed to the rising rate of vaccination that accelerated a couple of months ago. 

Healthcare centers and many hospitals across Iran have been working round the clock to inoculate the entire population. 

Now only less and less cities in Iran are marked red, which is the highest level of risk from Covid. However, officials are raising the alarm over the sixth wave of the pandemic.

Covid has so far killed over 120 thousand people in Iran since the pandemic started. 

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