A look at Iranian newspaper front pages one day after the nuclear deal

Iran dailies

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of newspapers on Wednesday and picked headlines from 43 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.

Upbeat headlines about the nuclear deal Iran and P5+1 clinched Tuesday after more than a decade of talks dominated the front pages of all Iranian newspapers, including a couple of sports dailies, on Wednesday (July 15). The papers focused on the Supreme Leader’s expression of gratefulness to the nuclear team. The only newspaper with a negative attitude was Kayhan which lead on diametrically opposite interpretations of Presidents Rouhani and Obama of the deal. In its editorial, the hardline daily urged parliament and the Supreme National Security Council to meticulously study the deal and remove any ambiguous points that might be open to interpretation.


Ettela’at: In a meeting with the president and his Cabinet, the Supreme Leader appreciated the sincere, tireless efforts of the Iranian nuclear negotiating team.

In the same meeting President Rouhani expressed hope the nuclear deal will end unjust pressures on the Islamic Republic of Iran and facilitate the country’s march on progress.


Abrar: This is not only a deal, but a good deal.

Abrar: “We will build the future based on the [Iran nuclear] deal,” FM Zarif said.

Abrar: The US president has said that Iran will reduce its stockpile of enriched uranium by 98 percent.




Afarinesh: “I will not let people’s hope be killed,” said President Rouhani in remarks after the conclusion of a historic nuclear deal with P5+1.

Afarinesh: [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s anger at the nuclear deal




Afkar: “All sanctions, including the arms embargo, will be lifted,” said President Rouhani in a televised address.

Afkar: The nuclear team stood up for the rights of the Iranian nation.

Afkar: Prudence got the job done.




Aftab-e Yazd: The Supreme Leader has appreciated the endeavors of the country’s nuclear team.

Aftab-e Yazd: Iran and P5+1 reached an agreement.

The key turned [in the lock], Iran smiled.

Rouhani: I will not let anybody destroy people’s hope.

Zarif: The best agreement possible has been clinched.

Obama: I will veto any legislation which prevents the [implementation of] deal.

Kerry: Zarif is a professional and patriotic negotiator.




Amin: President Rouhani has said in his televised speech on the conclusion of the historic nuclear deal that a new chapter has opened for new cooperation in the world, adding that all economic and arms sanctions against Iran will be lifted.




Arman-e Emrooz: Welcoming the century’s agreement; the world stood up in respect for Iran; celebrations for the nuclear agreement all over Iran

Arman-e Emrooz: The Supreme Leader has praised and thanked the Iranian nuclear team in a meeting with the Cabinet.

Arman-e Emrooz: Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani: The nuclear deal was a reminiscent of the Triumph of Khorramshahr [a reference to the liberation of the southwestern Iranian city during the Iran-Iraq war in the ’80s].

Arman-e Emrooz: President Rouhani: I do not let anybody kill people’s hope.

Arman-e Emrooz: President Obama: “I will veto any legislation that prevents the full implementation of this [Iran nuclear] deal.”




Asrar: Wisdom worked and a nuclear deal was struck.




Ebtekar: Rouhani’s key of Prudence turned. The start of an Iranian age

Ebtekar:The Supreme Leader has thanked the nuclear team for its tireless efforts.

Ebtekar:President Rouhani has said he will not allow anybody to crush people’s hope.

Ebtekar:Ayatollah Rafsanjani: This victory [conclusion of nuclear deal] is more important than [the country’s acceptance of] Resolution 598 [which ended the Iran-Iraq war in 1988].




Esfahan Emrooz: The end of JCPOA

The joint statement of Vienna nuclear talks; this agreement opens new possibilities.

The agreement is not ideal, but it is the best we could achieve.

Rouhani explained what will be done in the future: A statement today, an agreement two months later.




Etemad: The revolution of diplomacy on July 14, 2015

The world changed.

The duel of talks ended in an agreement after 12 years.



Farhikhtegan: Iranians spent hours on the streets last night to express gratitude to the Supreme Leader, government and the nuclear negotiating team.




Ghanoon: The siege ended, so did a 12-year nuclear dispute and unjust sanctions.




Gol: An image splashed across the front page of the daily shows footballers holding up a sign that reads: “Thank you Zarif”.




Hambastegi: Victory of resistance; failure of sanctions

“Readiness to raise exports is the first step after conclusion of the deal,” said the Iranian oil minister.




Hamkari Melli: The beginning of the season of hope; Iran and P5+1 have reached a deal.




Hamshahri: A day that marks a beginning




Hemayat: Iran and P5+1 have agreed to a deal that caps years of nuclear talks.




Hosban: “Today marks an end to the injustices Iranian people were subjected to,” the president said.

“Officials are determined to make maximal use of the opportunities that arise in the post-sanctions era,” said the energy minister.




Iran: Iran at the summit of [nuclear] agreement




Jahan-e Sanat: The efforts of Kerry and Zarif bore fruit; Iran’s heroic deal.




Jamejam: The joint statement is an acid test for the West.

A member of parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee said that the nuclear deal will be carefully examined in the Islamic Consultative Assembly.




Javan: Thanks to the resistance of the nation, a nuclear Iran has been recognized.

The Leader has thanked the nuclear negotiating team for its sincere efforts.




Jomhouri Islami: The historic victory of the Iranian nation

The parliament speaker said the nuclear deal can be a source of blessing.




Kaenat: The good day that produced a nuclear deal

“The deal can bring down the wall of mistrust,” said President Rouhani.




Kar va Kargar: The key of wisdom opened the lock of sanctions.




Kayhan: Two diametrically opposite interpretations of a single deal.

Don’t expect a miracle; this deal is not the biggest of conquests!




Khabar Varzeshi: Zarif scored; Iran smiled.

The nuclear deal’s impact on Iran’s sports

Sportsmen have said Zarif is a hero who deserves a standing ovation.




Khorasan: Iran emerges victorious in the battle of wills.

Thank you Mr. Zarif.




Mardomsalari: Congratulations on this victory

“Today does not mark the end, rather it is a beginning,” said President Rouhani.




Nasl-e Farda: A dignified deal

“We will build the future based on the deal,” said FM Zarif.




Payam-e Zaman: Resistance worked, and the sanctions regime crumbled.

The economy minister said that the time has come for problems to be solved.




Qods: The beginning of a test for the West.

A shift in indexes is how Iran and world markets reacted to the nuclear deal.




Rah-e Mardom: Achievement of nuclear demands on the back of heroic flexibility




Resalat: President Rouhani has said that the implementation of the nuclear deal will add up to a big test for the West.

Resalat: “I hope the outcomes of nuclear talks can mark the end of the enemy’s pressures and allegations against Iran,” said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Supreme Leader.

Resalat: People’s resistance paid off.

The highlights of the nuclear deal between Iran and P5+1

Resalat: Zarif and Mogherini: We are building a new chapter of relations.




Rooyesh-e Mellat: The victory of resistance, the defeat of sanctions

Netanyahu: Agreement with Iran is a mistake of historic proportions.




Roozan: The sun was shining brighter.

President Rouhani: The achievement today has its roots in Iran’s interaction on the one hand and the respect shown by P5+1 on the other.

President Rouhani: The implementation of the nuclear deal marks the start of a big test.

President Rouhani: All centrifuges in Natanz will continue enrichment.

Roozan: The lock of foreign investment will be opened in Iran in post-sanctions era.

Roozan: “The negotiating team walked down a path which respected the country’s red lines,” said Hamidreza Asefi, a former diplomat.

Roozan: “The nuclear agreement will have a direct impact on parliamentary elections,” said Nemat Ahmadi, a lawyer.

Roozan: A good deal and beautiful peace in Vienna

Roozan: The economic achievements of the nuclear deal; sanctions which will be removed.




Sayeh: A nuclear deal was struck; an achievement following 13 years of international dispute

Zarif: We opened a new chapter of hope.

Mogherini: The new decision removed the tensions.

Sayeh: “I will not let anybody resort to lies to undermine people’s trust,” said the Iranian president after the conclusion of the nuclear deal.




Setareh Sobh: The explosion of hope

The first phase of agreement was clinched in Vienna.




Shahrvand: The world acknowledged Iran; a bomb-less atomic explosion




Sharq: Victory without war

People celebrated on the streets after the Vienna deal.

“I won’t allow anyone to build on fabrications to dash the hopes of the people,” said President Rouhani.

Sharq: Orders have been issued to raise production in all Iranian oil fields,” said the director general of the National Iranian Oil Company.




Siasat-e Rooz: Rouhani elaborated on the outcomes of nuclear talks, from the removal of sanctions to Iran maintaining its nuclear technology.

Siasat-e Rooz: The nuclear case was closed, but US animosity goes on.





Vatan-e Emrooz: Anticipating the implementation of the deal






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