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A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on Feb 16

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iran newspapers on Tuesday and picked headlines from 17 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.


  1. Investigations into other culprits in Babak Zanjani case begin
  2. Iraqi army preparing to retake Fallujah
  3. US senator threatens to summon marine to Senate
  4. Iran offers airport visas to arriving tourists from all countries except 9
  5. Turkey considering sending troops into Syria: Defense Minister
  6. UEFA’s Sec. Gen. hails Iran Football Academy
  7. Turkey’s Erdogan heading to Azerbaijan on Thursday


Arman-e Emrouz:

  1. Ayatollah Rafsanjani: Youth will decide the elections
  2. Is Seyyed Hassan isolated?

An analysis of Seyyed Hassan Khomeini’s disqualification from contending the upcoming Assembly of Experts elections. Hassan is the grandson of Imam Khomeini, the leader of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution.

  1. All eyes on THE list of reformist candidates
  2. Time for interrogating Babak’s connections

Babak Zanjani is a multibillionaire who stands accused of corruption and is being tried. Investigations are underway into a number of Ahmadinejad-era ministers linked with the Zanjani charges.




  1. The SWIFT doubters!

The Central Bank of Iran has been connected to the international digital money transfer system (SWIFT).

  1. Rouhani: Boost public awareness about necessity of Assembly of Experts

President Rouhani said in a televised interview that awareness must be raised among the general public about the need for the Assembly of Experts.

  1. Zarif: Deploying troops to Syria is a bluff by Saudis
  2. Iran doors open to tourists

Iran now welcomes tourists from 180 countries without the need for a visa. This piece reports on how Iran has eased tourist regulations, now that the international sanctions have been lifted in the wake of the nuclear agreement.




  1. Reformist figure: We will beat our rivals at the ballot box
  2. Banks to reduce interest rates by Feb 19
  3. Final list of approved Parliamentary hopefuls released
  4. Vice President: The administration has taken serious steps to protect the environment
  5. Prosecutor starts probe into 3 ex-ministers
  6. Turkish troops trespass on Syrian territory





  1. Iran offers new tax incentives to tourism industry
  2. Syrian army advances into Raqqa
  3. Iran-EU to embark on full co-operation: Iranian FM
  4. Prosecutor: Verdicts of 17k cases not carried out in Tehran
  5. Banks agree to reduce interest rates
  6. Vice president blasts gov’t critics





  1. Iran oil discount not real, says official
  2. ISIS stronghold under siege from Syrian army




  1. Stadiums offered to Perspolis and Esteghlal football teams
  2. Iran rail transit volume to hit 4mt by late March
  3. Police warn against active pyramid schemes





  1. Spokesman: Iran internal affairs no business of foreigners
  2. Many Iranians spend their leisure time smoking water pipes, which kill 1 Iranian every 5 seconds.




Payam Zaman:

  1. Minister calls for nationally produced economic prosperity through removing red tape
  2. Gov’t spokesman: Development needs stability, security
  3. Iran needs 160 passenger planes
  4. 30,183 HIV carriers in Iran
  5. Iran Futsal team 6th in the world, 1st in Asia





  1. Fruit smuggling in Iran [at the turn of the year]
  2. Cyberspace has no conflict with religion: expert cleric
  3. Lonely wolf captured in subway tunnel




Jomhouri Islami:

  1. First ‘Silk Road’ train arrives in Tehran





  1. Dirty hands behind special lists

A report about who is really behind the lists of parliamentary candidates for the upcoming elections.





  1. Parliament Speaker: Attracting foreign investments tops Iran’s priorities in the post-sanctions era
  2. Iran hopes Japan boosts oil imports to pre-sanctions levels





  1. Claimants for Syrian “human rights” disgraced

A huge cargo of US arms en route to Syrian rebels has been discovered.

  1. No digital drugs in Iran: Police
  2. 12 CIA bases for gathering data on Iran




  1. S-300 missile system being delivered to Iran: FM Spokesman
  2. 6 Palestinians killed in a single day
  3. Iranians remain the forerunners of the Islamic Awakening: Leader’s aide





  1. Saudi Arabia in economic whirlpool

Horrific budget deficit in Saudi Arabia

  1. Tehran, Milan ink co-operation agreement

Mayors of the two cities signed an agreement for all-out co-operation.





  1. Amnesty: Western powers are the main cause of wars and instability in the world
  2. Gov’t coup de grace to oilseed production

The government has allowed unlimited imports of agricultural products to the country.

  1. Analysis: US will intensify sanctions after Iranian elections
  2. The photo that went viral in global media: Official Saudi-Israeli link





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