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A Look at Iranian Newspaper Front Pages on December 19

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Hedieh Lahiji
Hedieh Lahiji is an Iranian journalist who mainly reports the latest developments in science and technology. Her work in the IFP is mainly focused on the coverage of Iranian knowledge-based companies and their scientific achievements.
IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iranian newspapers on Thursday, December 19, 2019, and picked headlines from 8 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.


1- Erdogan’s Advisor: Libya Part of Turkey’s Responsibilities

2- Japan Foreign Ministry’s Statement on Abe-Rouhani Meeting

3- Shamkhani: Iran to Further Cut Its Nuclear Commitments If EU Fails

4- UK Foreign Secretary: Iran’s Measures Endangering JCPOA

5- US to Decrease Level of Its Diplomatic Presence in Iraq

Abrar 2

Arman-e Melli:

1- Americans Will Have to Return from Sanctions: Rouhani to Mahathir

Arman e Melli 1


1- Treading on Lose-Lose Path: Rouhani on US Sanctions

2- 95% of Those Running for Parliamentary Votes in Tehran Qualified by Interior Ministry

3- Poland May Be Fired from EU

Ebtekar 2


1- Diplomacy from Tehran to East Asia

* Iranian, Malaysian, Qatari, Turkish Leaders Attend Meeting Snubbed by Saudi, Allies



1- Tehran Security Conference Dismissed Allegations of Iran Isolation

2- Shamkhani: Presence of Seven Influential States in Tehran Shows Regional States Standing against US Maximum Pressure


Jomhouri Eslami:

1- Merkel: We’re Opposed to US Sanctions on Iran

2- 17 Members of US Congress Protest US’ Economic War on Iranian Citizens

3- Thousands in Various US States Rally in Support for Trump Impeachment

Jomhouri Eslami 1


1- Number of Candidates for Replacing Abdul-Mahdi Increased amid Complicated Situation in Iraq

2- Shamkhani: We Can’t Be Both Sanctioned and Stripped of Channels to Bypass Bans by Accepting CFT

3- Rouhani: Sanctions Cannot Continue

Kayhan 2

Mardom Salari:

1- Concerns Raised at Tehran Security Conference about Transfer of ISIS by US

2- Trump Outraged by Impeachment: President’s Opponents in Streets

3- Muslims Must Feel Responsible towards Each Other: Rouhani to Mahat

Mardom Salari 2

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