Sunday, October 2, 2022

30 Countries to Attend Iran Pharmaceutical Exhibition

Some 550 pharmaceutical companies and related industries from 30 countries will take part in Iran's 5th International Pharma Exhibition, known as Iran Pharma 2019.

“This exhibition is a symbol of the capabilities of the country’s pharmaceutical industry,” says Chairman of the board of directors of the Iranian Human Medicines Industry Syndicate.

Along with presenting the capabilities of the country’s pharmaceutical industry, there will be an exhibition of drug-related media, Ahmad Sheibani said.

Sheibani continued that there are 400 domestic companies and the rest are foreign ones. “At this year’s exhibition, the presence of companies from India and China is much more salient than previous”

The event is considered a useful step in the face of sanctions, he said, adding that the country’s developments in the field of medicine show the sanctions have been futile.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on September 24 and will run through September 26 in Tehran.

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