Tuesday, October 4, 2022

3 Airbus Planes Join Iran’s Flag Carrier

Iran’s flag carrier Iran Air has purchased three Airbus passenger planes from Hungary and added them to its fleet, after the US sanctions prevented it from receiving the brand new Airbus and ATR planes it had purchased.

Three Airbus 319 planes with numbers EY-557, EY-558 and EY-559 will join the airline’s fleet in a matter of hours.

The airplanes were purchased from Hungary around one year ago, and landed at an airport in the city of Mashhad in northwestern Iran.

The aircraft were manufactured in 2002 and now belong to Iran Air.

The US sanctions have prevented Iran from receiving the planes it had purchased as per deals with Airbus and ATR following the signing of the Iran nuclear deal.

The bans, which also keep spare parts from being delivered to Iran, have affected air safety in the country and jeopardized the lives of civilians travelling by air.

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