100 ISIS Terrorists Trapped in Ramadi Underground Tunnels


A local official from Iraq’s central city of Al-Khalidiya in al-Anbar Province announced that 100 ISIS members were trapped in the underground tunnels of Iraq’s Ramadi.

According to a report by Mizan, as translated by IFP, before the terrorists’ hideout was discovered, fierce clashes broke out between Iraq’s security forces and the terrorists who were lurking in the tunnels.

Most of the terrorists were foreigners and a few of them were Arab.

Earlier last weekend, Major General Ismail al-Mahlawi, the commander of Anbar Operations Command, told al-Sumaria that security personnel had fully regained control over Khalidiya Island, which lies nearly 90 kilometres (55 miles) west of the capital, Baghdad.

He said tens of terrorists were killed in the liberation operation.

Lieutenant General Raed Shaker Jawdat, the Federal Police Forces’ commander, separately said that Iraqi security forces had killed nearly 200 ISIS terrorists and disarmed 250 bombs in the operation to free the Khalidiya Island.

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