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Marzieh Afkham speakerwoman

Iran will give no permission for inspection of aid ship: Afkham

No permission will be granted to countries involved in the war on Yemen to inspect the ship carrying Iran's humanitarian aid,” the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said.
President Rouhani

President Rouhani welcomes Iraqi counterpart (PHOTOS)

During a ceremony at Saadabad Palace, President Rouhani officially greeted his Iraqi opposite number.

Iran’s aid ship en route to Yemen (PHOTOS)

The vessel has been loaded with 700 tons of flour, 1200 tons of rice, 400 tons of canned food, 50 tons of medication and health products and 50 tons of mineral water.

Attacking Iranian aid ship will start war in the region: Top commander

Saudi Arabia, the US, and their allies must keep in mind that if they want to block Iran's humanitarian aid, they will start a fire which they cannot put out, said Brigadier General Jazayeri.

Yemen crisis needs political solution: Zarif

The solution to Yemen crisis is solely political and through forming an inclusive government with the aid of all political forces, said Zarif.

UN ready to carry Iran relief aid to Yemen

Dispatching humanitarian aid to the Yemeni nation has been a concern of Iran and Tehran continues its efforts in this regard through various channels, said Amir Abdollahian.

UN must act to stop Saudi killing in Yemen: Iran official

The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to carry out any necessary measures in order to send humanitarian aid to the oppressed and defenseless Yemeni people, said Amir Abdollahian.

Yemeni crisis: Arab media on the same wavelength

Alef, an Iranian website, has taken a critical look at the news coverage of the Yemeni crisis, saying that the Arab media are manipulating the facts in the Saudi favor.

Iran, UN discuss sending human aid to Yemen

Iran expects UN envoy in Yemen Ismail Bin Al-Sheikh Ahmed to act urgently and take steps for ending the attacks and preventing the escalation of human crisis, said Amir Abdollahian.
Ramezan Sharif

Illusion of ‘Shia crescent’ is a failed scenario: IRGC

The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps denies comments attributed to its top commander that a Shia crescent is being formed in the region.

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