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Amir Abdollahian-Germany

Iran ready to work with Germany to resolve Mideast crises

Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian has said that Iran and Germany have common viewpoints when it comes to a realistic political solution to the crises in the Middle East.

Had it not been for General Soleimani, Iraq would have failed

An Iraqi politician says that things got better after Ayatollah Al-Sistani released a fatwa and the Popular Mobilization Forces –backed by Iran – fought with great bravery against ISIL terrorists.

Fanning sectarian crises in Iraq ordered by enemies: Rafsanjani

The implementation of a moderate approach in a society which has suffered from dictatorship for decades and the scourge of terrorist groups is an uphill task, said Ammar Hakim.

Iran supports Iraq fight against IS: Zarif

Iran always views expansion of Tehran-Baghdad ties as one of its priorities and supports the Iraqi government’s campaign against IS, said Zarif.

Expansion of ties with neighbors tops Iran foreign policy: Minister

Iran cannot remain indifferent to insecurity at its borders and is ready for closer cooperation with Kabul in the fight against terrorism and narcotics, said Rahmani Fazli.

What do Zarif’s regional trips signify? Will his plan bring Saudi Arabia to the...

Khabaronline, a news website, praises the astute statesmanship of Iran’s Foreign Ministry for helping the country refrain from fuelling tensions with Saudi Arabia at this critical juncture.

Deputy FM comments on Riyadh- and PGCC-Tehran ties

A senior Iranian Foreign Ministry official has said that Tehran stands by the Syrian people and government and that people in the Arab country should decide their future in a democratic process.

Something seems to have gone wrong here

Aftab-e Yazd, a reformist daily, has disputed Hamas’ new behavior and its ties with a country which does what it takes to harm Iran’s interests in the region.

Iran diplomat urges political solution to Yemen conflict

All sides should focus on finding a political solution to the conflict in Yemen, said Amir Abdollahian, stressing that use of force would certainly fail to resolve the crisis.
ICRC-Peter Maurer

ICRC lauds Iran over humanitarian aid for Yemen

The International Committee of the Red Cross chief has said that the ICRC has increased its aid efforts for Yemen twofold in recent days, but more needs to be done to meet the demands in the country.

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