Monday, November 28, 2022

Why Some Canon Printers Are More Cost Effective Than Others

Have you recently changed your Canon printer for a different model and find that your Canon printer ink is being used far quicker than your previous model? Sadly, this is a common issue and many Canon owners report that this has happened to them.

However, you may be unsure as to why this is the case – why are some Canon printers more cost effective than others? To help you find out, we have done some digging and found that there are a range of reasons. Read on to find out more.

What Is Your Printer Made to Do?

If you have changed from an inkjet to a laser printer then you can expect big changes in ink consumption. This is because they are essentially two different types of machines, doing different jobs with the same printed result. An inkjet printer uses ink whereas a laser printer uses toner that lasts far longer.
However, before you rush out to get yourself a laser printer you may want to know that this type of unit is usually reserved for offices and places where there is a significant amount of printing that needs to be done!

Is It in the Ink?

Probably the most obvious cost when it comes to printers is the ink that you are installing! Canon cartridge replacements can be an expensive hobby and when you consider that most genuine ink cartridges are not even full then you will begin to see that buying from the manufacturer may not be a good idea!
Save yourself some cash by trying a replacement ink for Canon printers from an online supplier like Smart Ink. You are sure to be amazed by how good the quality of this ink is and how much money stays in your account!

How Cheap Was Your Unit?

Not surprisingly, cheaper printers tend to use more ink. The reason for this is because they do not have the up to date and expensive component parts like more expensive models do. Many of us get sucked into buying them because of the low cost but it is important that you do your ink consumption research so that you can accurately estimate how much the yearly ink bill is going to be!

Do You Need to Add Colour?

Lots of us buy colour printers because we worry that we may need to print something out in colour one day and that makes sense. What does not make sense is installing colour ink before you need to use it and letting it dry up. Instead, buy your ink (the CLI 281XXL for example) and store the colour cartridges until you need them, opting to print just in black and white until you do.

It is true that some Canon printers are more cost effective than others but it is also true that lots of the money we spend on our printers could be avoided with a bit of careful planning and consideration. Take some time to check if you are printer savvy before you spend money buying a new printer or ink.

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