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Why Is It So Crucial to Protect Our Tendons?

A tendon or sinew is a tough and dense band at the end of muscle tissue, made of fibrous connective tissues that connect muscles to a bone and is capable of withstanding tension. So, we owe our body’s movement to the tendons.

It used to be believed that tendons are just a joint connecting our muscles and bones together serving as a power transmitter. Meanwhile, the tendons were viewed as a part of body that could passively redirect pressure exerted on our body while in action and subsequently contribute further to our sense of balance.

Over the past two decades a huge number of research studies have been conducted over the elastic features of tendons.

Tendons don’t necessarily function similarly. Some of them are tasked with adjusting our positions like our finger tendons while in writing (localized tendons) and some others serve as a spring boosting our energy as in walking (energy saving tendons).

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The latter could save and release our energy with a high efficiency. For example, during each step we take, our Achilles’ tendons are stretched along with our feet’s joint wrist.

Sometimes tendons suffer from inflammation due to various causes. Physical activities like gardening and carpentry, even sports like tennis, ski or intense activities like washing carpets could lead to inflammation of tendons.

The pain of an inflamed tendon could spread outward gradually or suddenly particularly when the calcium of that area runs out.

To reduce the inflammation, one should give a rest to the affected area. Sometimes use of ice bag could relieve the pain. Finally, use of anti-inflammation drugs or gels could be highly helpful. If the pain is not eased within one week, you need to go to doctor.

Why Is It So Crucial to Protect Our Tendons?Medical prescription or physiotherapy and finally surgery could treat the pain. In case of tendon rupture, you need to have tendon implant surgery.

To avoid any tendon damage, you should have some points in mind. For example, you are recommended to warm up for at least 15 minutes before any exercise. Stretching – for at least 20 seconds for each move – the involved muscles when doing sports or activities and avoiding any harmful move like lifting heavy things are highly recommended.

With the latest progress made in medicine, it is hoped that new treatments would replace the traditional ones.

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