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Why Gamers Are Still Playing Old School Runescape in 2020

Some things just never get old no matter how long they've been introduced; they are still adored by the public. An online game that’s a good example of such things is Old School RuneScape. The game was released in 2002 by Jagex and was designed to be a massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG.

The game became an instant hit among online gaming enthusiasts. Mostly because of the fact that most of them were eager to try out any brand-new game releases during those times.

But with its unique game modes and the ability for players to forge their own paths, more and more people became attracted to play Old School RuneScape.

With numerous quests, tasks, and missions to choose from, the interest for playing OSRS has only grown year after year. You have the option to compete against fellow players on certain quests and minigames, and even stake your stash of Old School RuneScape gold to increase your gold reserve.

Some players say that the secret behind Old School RuneScape’s success is the continuous updates that it regularly gets to keep the interest high.

Based on the recent data gathered, the game has about 100,000 players in different parts of the world playing it at any given moment.

So what makes OSRS popular even after all those years?


1. The Old-School Combat Style

The competition among players is intense and this makes it attractive to those who are always seeking for challenges when they play online games. RuneScape items and OSRS GP can be lost by losing in battle, some might even lose their valuable OSRS items because of thieves.

Yes, you can steal things from fellow players, for your own enjoyment or to make more money, as long as you won’t get yourself caught.

This is another part of the game that makes it unique and exciting to play.

2. Exciting and Unique Quests

For those players who find in-game storyline boring, OSRS should be of interest to them. Instead of having a specific plot, this game offers various quests or short stories that you can participate in. The game’s developer also added some humor to it that engages its players.

3. The Game Updates

Unlike other online games that faded in the limelight, Old School RuneScape has been basking on it because of how often it gets updated to improve the gameplay and sometimes cater to its players’ requests and preferences.

OSRS is on top of the list for those online games that are updated regularly and Jagex knows the importance of keeping their players interested. They do this by adding more tasks, missions, and even launch contests and giveaways from time to time.

Some people might say the game is a little bit outdated compared to modern games today, but Old School RuneScape is still considered one of the best MMORPGs today.

You might feel weird playing it for the first time, but trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks like.

Despite being difficult for some beginners, OSRS is still an addictive and oddly satisfying game to play. A good example is when Jagex launched a mobile version in 2018. The RuneScape mobile game became an instant hit getting 5 million downloads in its first year.

You can even say that the game has been tried and tested both in PC and mobile devices, and it performed well on both, and it should continue to do so in the coming years.

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