Friday, March 1, 2024

WHO reports 167 infant deaths daily in Afghanistan

The Afghan branch of the World Health Organization (WHO) has raised the alarm over the infant mortality rates in the country. WHO says around 170 babies die each day in Afghanistan.

According to the organization, 167 infants die every day in Afghanistan due to preventable diseases. This high number of infant deaths highlights the need for urgent action to improve maternal and child health in the country.

In a tweet on Monday, the WHO called for immediate action to save the lives of infants and improve the overall health of mothers and children in Afghanistan. The organization also commended the Afghan Health Foundation (AHF) for their support in providing health services to Afghan children.

Reports indicate that Afghanistan has long struggled with high rates of infant mortality, particularly in rural areas where trained health teams may be scarce. The WHO’s announcement highlights the urgent need for increased resources and support to improve maternal and child health outcomes in the country.

To address the high rates of infant mortality in Afghanistan, there is a critical need for improved maternal and child health. This includes increasing access to healthcare services, particularly in rural areas where healthcare infrastructure may be limited.

Training more healthcare professionals, particularly midwives and pediatricians, is also crucial for improving maternal and child health outcomes.

Organizations like the Afghan Health Foundation (AHF) play a critical role in supporting health initiatives in Afghanistan. Through their work, they help to provide access to essential healthcare services and support efforts to improve maternal and child health outcomes.

By working with organizations like the AHF, it is possible to make progress towards reducing infant mortality rates in Afghanistan and improving overall health outcomes for mothers and children.

Earlier, WHO announced that nearly 900,000 children have been suffering from severe malnutrition in Afghanistan in 2023. According to WHO, a total of 2.3 million children in Afghanistan are facing malnutrition.

Since the Taliban came to power, along with the economic structures, Afghanistan’s health system has also been severely damaged and the activities of tens of health centers in the country have been stopped.

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