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What Are Most Popular Content Categories on TikTok?

TikTok is an advanced entertainment platform that has been able to break into the TOP with lightning speed, and there is a sound explanation for this.

Such giants of the market as Facebook or Twitter mainly unite communities over 25 years old, on the Internet representatives of the younger generation already call this category “Boomers”. Actually, for this, the main concept of the new site – TikTok – was to unite a younger audience (18-24) and attract representatives of a new generation to itself. And the platform coped with this damn well, and the main idea in the form of publishing short viral videos played a big role in this. The company’s sociologists have determined that it is short videos that attract a lot of attention and allow you to view much more content in a certain amount of time than on any other social network.


In 2016, after the closure of the notorious Vine platform, the market was empty and TikTok managed to occupy a niche. At the moment, this is the most promising social network, the influence of which is not limited to individual regions, but covers almost the entire world, with the exception of places where access to the resource is limited by the authorities. It is worth noting that there are a huge number of different categories and niches in which you can try your content, and often it depends on the demographic region to which you, as a content maker, are targeting your content. However, it is worth highlighting the most relevant niches, since competent work in one of these sectors and choosing the right hashtags can significantly improve your popularity indicators and attract a large audience.


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Comedy content

Everyone understands that trends and interests of the audience change very quickly, but humor and comedy are invariable categories of interest to millions of users. For some reason, this niche is of particular interest to the generation of Z-ers and millennials who literally watch this kind of content all day long. The category is so influential and popular that even ordinary comedians not only massively register accounts to show their humor and what they are worth on the most popular platform, but also adapt their humor at IRL performances to TikTok tendencies. Among the most popular representatives of this niche, such channels should be distinguished as: KT Franklin, Dobre Twins, Sarati, etc. If you are going to lead your creative path on this site, then you should make sure that your content is unique and interesting for the audience of the platform, since in essence it is the most talented niche in TikTok.


After a fairly strong growth in the popularity of this niche on the popular site, the appearance of such a niche on the most promising site TikTok was only a matter of time. And this actually happened, millions of users record videos where they make lip-sync on their favorite songs and tracks, the latest such breakthrough in the niche was “Dreams Challenge”, which united a huge audience of Fleetwood Mac fans. And if sometimes it is just an imitation of the singing of your favorite performers, then in particular this category is full of memes and satirical processing of popular music. Some of the best content makers in this category are young talents such as Riyaz Ali, Nisha Guragain, Kristen Hancher and many others. Of course, this genre is not the only one in which these guys create their content, but one of the most relevant and popular. Just in this simple example, one of the obvious advantages of the site is noticeable, you do not have to torture yourself and create content of the same style, you can develop creatively in any direction convenient for you.



Where without dance videos, dancing has always been distinguished by the fact that it is one of the best ways to show your feelings and emotions in a given situation, since body language is visually much clearer than any words. Gaining popularity in this niche is both complex and simple process. In essence, there is nothing difficult in moving to the beat of the music and smiling sweetly at the camera, but putting a clear and beautiful choreography and adding good visual effects there is not an easy task. First, you should analyze the TOP influencers in this category to understand what exactly they are attracting people to. And after a detailed analysis, prepare and professionally edit your video. Keep in mind that the competition in this niche is quite serious, and you will have to constantly fight for the championship with hundreds of thousands of other users. And so that your first steps on the platform are confident and the start is successful, we strongly recommend using the services of free followers and likes from The service provides free likes and followers for all users

Cooking content

Whoever you are, you come across food as a need on a regular basis, and quite often you have to prepare it. As with many other niches, cooking has a special place in the hearts of the audience, as it is a factor that unites everyone, regardless of region, race, gender or cultural background. Everyone loves food and everyone loves to eat. When creating content on cooking, you must briefly and very clearly convey how to cook your favorite dishes, or, conversely, something exotic from ordinary products. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the best representatives of this field, for example: Jenny Martinez, TieMyApron and others. These influencers do a real miracle not only in terms of cooking, but also in terms of content preparation. The main feature is that they easily explain to those who do not know how to cook where to start, and at the same time they show it very creatively.

Arts and crafts

This niche is distinguished by a rather low threshold of entry, since it requires not body flexibility or innate skills, but talent and hard work. This area is different in that it quite simply allows you to express your feelings through art and convey your thoughts to other users. With proper video acceleration, you can easily show the process of creating entire sculptures or paintings from scratch, such videos are a unique approach to creating creative content. Content makers from this area of​​TikTok differ in that they transform some objects into completely different ones, thereby showing a kind of magic on the screen of your phone. If you want to become one of the influencers in this field, carefully approach the process of creating such content. Since, in addition to the subtlety of art as such, you will have to produce masterpieces quite clearly, but at the same time accurately, and fit it all in a short period of time.


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