Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Iran Warns of Crushing Response to Interference in Its Internal Affairs

Iranian First Vice-President Es'haq Jahangiri has warned certain regional states against a “crushing response” as soon as evidence is found that they have been fueling riots amid the recent protests over a hike in gasoline price.

In an address to a meeting at Iran’s Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade on Saturday, Jahangiri cautioned certain regional countries that if evidence is obtained that they have been provoking riots and unrest inside Iran, they will not have a single trouble-free day in the region anymore.

“Iran is not a country that one could kid or treat like this. Iran must be treated with utmost courtesy, and if it becomes clear that the others have interfered in Iran’s internal affairs to harm the Iranian nation, they will definitely receive a crushing response,” the vice president warned.

He also highlighted the US failure to bring Iran to its knees through an economic war, saying such defeat forced Washington to change its policy and mount pressures on Iran in cooperation with a number of regional countries by interfering in the Islamic Republic’s internal affairs.

On the concerns about a recent hike in the price of subsidized gasoline, Jahangiri said the administration takes whatever decision necessary to fulfill the public interests, stressing that it also pays heed to public opinion and protests, respects the voice of people, and tries to fulfill the public demands.

The vice president further noted that the administration will reconsider its decision if it feels that a wrong one has been made on some matters, stressing that all organizations are duty-bound to relieve the pains of people.

He also praised a headquarters tasked with regulating the market prices in Iran, saying efforts are underway to allay concerns about a fluctuation in prices.

Specialized task forces must weigh up the proposals on the better management of the situation and make decisions responsibly in order to prevent the imposition of new burden and costs on people, he added.

Jahangiri finally emphasized that the cabinet of ministers will immediately make decisions on any plan for supporting and regulating the local market.

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