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VP: Kidnappers of Nigerian school girls, their mentors, after uprooting Islam

Iranian Vice President for Women and Families Affairs here Friday strongly condemned kidnapping of Nigerian school girls, emphasizing those who do so and their thought mentors are after uprooting Islam.

“If today education is considered one of the most natural and inarguable articles in the human rights, the Holy Book of Islam has 15 centuries ago sworn by the pen and what the pen inscribes and the first word in the beginning of the Grand Prophet’s divine mission was ‘read’ in the name of God who teaches the human beings what they do not know,” wrote Shahindokht Mollaverdi in her message on the occasion.

The message expresses sorrow that in the name of such a religion that at the advent of Islam strongly condemned burying alive of the innocent female infants and asked “What was the sin for which they were killed?” and opened the chains of slavery from their ankles by and by, today in the age of modern ignorance a bunch of reactionary people get back to the remainders of their past stinking traditions, and alas that they commit all these crimes in the name of Islam and under the disguise of being Muslims.

Setting examples of the criminal acts of the criminal gang who have been committing such crimes in recent past, Mollaverdi refers to the failed assassination attempt against Malala Yousofzi in Pakistan one day, the Jihad al-Nikah (marriage Jihad) fabrication in which young girls were abused in the course of the Syrian war and forced to yield to prostitution there, and the recent kidnapping of 238 innocent school girls in Nigeria and threatening to sell them and force them to get married unwillingly and slavery instead of going to school, claiming that in doing so they are obeying God’s demands!

“They consider going to school of the Muslim girls as a western phenomenon and quite ignorantly and selfishly issue verdicts against being permitted of their education. These people and their spiritual mentors ruin the divine and humane façade of Islam and their efforts are in line with uprooting a religion whose Prophet’s title is ‘a blessing for the dwellers of both worlds’, and the objective of his religion was announced by him as ‘completion of the ethical values of the mankind,” reads the message.

The Iranian vice president stresses:

It is not clear the spokesman of which version of Islam these people are, adding “Who has permitted them to consider themselves the representatives of God on earth?”

She questions the existence of any relation whatsoever between those extremists who act so harshly and inhumanely based on wrong and obsolete traditions which stink with Islam which calls for the annihilation of all types of discrimination based on racism, sex, wealth and other differences among the mankind, arguing that the entire mankind are created from a man and a woman, and they are all subject to being deviated from the Right Path if they would follow Satan.

“Can the young generation today harmonize and sympathize with that reading of the religion? Will the fruit of these moves be anything other than pessimism and anti-religious feelings among the young Muslims, particularly women and girls? Are such acts not the other side of the coin of Islam-phobia and in line with promoting that project?” the message adds.

Remaining silent towards such injustice against Islam equals being accomplices of those who commit them, it says, calling upon the Muslim world thinkers, monotheist reformers, and freedom lovers around the globe to wash off the rust of such nonsensical beliefs from the façade of religion and save not only the women, but more importantly, Islam, which has the capacity of answering many of the social problems of the mankind both today and tomorrow, accordingly.

The Iranian vice president for women and families affairs has at the end referred to women and girls’ education as a most significant need of the day, which “is a key to empowering the societies” in their campaign against poverty, hunger, and diseases.

She also asks for harmonized efforts launched by the entire concerned officials and well-wishers to both condemn those moves and to do their best to free the kidnapped girls and return them to the embrace of their worried families, paying for ridding the mankind from aggression and extremism.

Nigerian officials have frequently been criticized for failing to prevent Boko Haramˈs deadly attacks, particularly in the terror groupˈs stronghold of northeastern Nigeria.

At least 2,000 people have died in violence in northern Nigeria this year alone, Amnesty International says. The most recent Boko Haram attack killed at least 310 people in a town that had been used as a staging ground for troops searching for the missing girls.

Boko Haramˈs leader, Abubakar Shekau, took credit for the mass kidnappings in a video that surfaced this week. He said he planned to sell the girls into slavery.

A few escapees shared harrowing tales of escaping into a nearby forest.

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